Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1273

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Chapter 1273

“No problem!”

The Shen family didn’t even think about it, so they agreed!

The misfortune was that Shaun broke out, so he had to bear it!

“Crossing into the Golden Summit also tarnished the path of Xingyue! Shaun, you are over!”

“I suggest reporting to Jinding immediately, so as to separate the relationship with this waste, so as not to be dragged down by him!”

All the Shen family members said angrily.

Shaun didn’t bother to pay attention to these idiots, and walked towards Elvira:

“My wife, here I am!”

At this time!

Elvira’s face is also full of panic:

“Shaun, did you really crossed the VIP channel?”

But Shaun still looked indifferent and smiled:

“Don’t worry, it’s okay!”

All right?

Hearing this, everyone was in an uproar!


After going through the VIP channel that Jinding ordered only the top powers to go, he says it was all right?

Isn’t he crazy?


All the Shen family cast idiotic eyes at Shaun.

“Shaun, you said that Elvira didn’t lie? That is to say, you really gave her a piece of jewelry worth ten billion. Would you mind showing it to us?”

Cuiping deliberately embarrassed Shaun and Elvira.

However, Shaun disagreed.

An indifferent expression:

“Sorry, no!”


Everyone laughed again!

A deep contempt appeared on their faces!

This horror isn’t that they didn’t bring it, but that they didn’t have it at all, right?

It’s so special!

“If this rubbish can afford ten billion necklaces, then the sows will be on the tree!”

Cuiping smirked and looked at Elvira with contempt:

“Elvira, today you rejected the necklace worth more than one billion yuan from Mr. Mingzhe. Someday in the future, you will definitely regret it!”


Just now!

A group of people walked quickly towards Shaun and the others.

They are four masters of Jiangnan!

They all held a glass of red wine in their hands, with admiration and respect in their expressions, as if serving a god.

“The four great masters of Jiangnan are coming to us!”

“Oh my God! Are they trying to toast with us in this posture?”

“Our little Shen family, how can we have such qualifications, maybe they are here to toast with Mr. Mingzhe!”

All the Shen family members were completely in a daze when they saw this scene, with a deep shock on their faces.

At this time, it was determined that these four bigwigs must have come to toast with Mr. Mingzhe.

Therefore, the eyes looking at Mr. Mingzhe are full of awe and worship.

Even Mr. Mingzhe felt that this was the case, subconsciously straightened his waist, and looked triumphant.

At this time!

The four masters headed by Ye Shihao, all came to Shaun, and they all bowed to him.

“Mr. Lin, we want to toast with you!”

When the Shen family saw this, they stared at Mr. Mingzhe with envy.

They heard that the four great masters are now standing behind them, but they are dignified!

Such an existence, all together wants to toast with Mr. Mingzhe?

They couldn’t believe that Mr. Mingzhe had such a big face!

This is simply incredible!

But suddenly!

Shaun spoke:



Everyone was stunned at once and then looked at Shaun with an expression of seeing a ghost.

What sure?

This rubbish, he thought the other party was here to toast with him?


In everyone’s eyes, there is a strong disgust and contempt.

“Shaun, what do you mean? Wouldn’t you think that you are worth toasting with the four patrons?”

“Hahaha, laughed at him! This idiot thought that the four Patriarchs came to give him a toast, so from where he has gain confidence this confidence?”

“Idiot! Mr. Lin is Mr. Mingzhe, not you, a waste of soft food!”

There was a sneer full of ridicule, and suddenly one after another sounded.

At this moment, everyone contempt Shaun to the extreme!

And now!

Hearing that the Shen family humiliated Shaun this much, the four Patriarchs were completely furious:

“You people are finding death!!!”

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