Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1274

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Chapter 1274

Who is Shaun?

King of Blood Prison!

The dark emperor!

But these mindless idiots dare to humiliate Shaun again and again in front of them?

Insult their king?

This is damned!

But just when they were about to attack, Shaun suddenly winked at them.

The four Patriarchs’ complexions suddenly sank, as long as the full of anger was suppressed in their hearts.

“Shaun, did you hear that? The four Patriarchs said you are looking for death, hurry kneel down and apologize?”

Cuiping laughed as if he had seen Shaun’s miserable ending.

At the same time!

Mr. Mingzhe also glanced at Shaun with contempt:

“Trash! You can’t pretend to me be if you want to!”


He just took a step forward, looking at Ye Shihao and other Patriarchs, and put on a high posture:

“You guys, neglected me today and it made me very upset!”

It is the tone of the elders reprimanding the younger ones, pretending to be extreme!

But everyone in the Shen family was excited to the extreme!

They just feel that Mr. Mingzhe is extremely prestigious at this time!

Next moment!

Everyone in the Shen family looked at Elvira contemptuously and secretly scolded her for rejecting such a proud man of heaven.

“If this happens again in the future, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Mr. Mingzhe coldly snorted, deliberately putting on an arrogant look.

He saw the admiration of the Shen family, and he felt like he was in a hurry.

But Ye Shihao and others were mad when they heard Mr. Mingzhe’s reckless pretending words!

However, there is more to it!

After Mr. Mingzhe played the force, instead of restraining him, he involuntarily grabbed a glass of wine in Ye Shihao’s hand and touched several Patriarchs one by one.

“Drink, you are welcome!”

After speaking, drink it by himself!

The four patriarchs are dumbfounded!

They were stunned for a long time, and they couldn’t recover.

And when they came back to their senses, the four of their eyes seemed to be full of blood.

Damn it!

Are we special, are we here to respect you?

What kind of thing are you worthy to toast with four of us?

At this moment, Ye Shihao and the others were disgusting as if they had eaten a dead mouse.

Their faces are gloomy!


Ye Shihao suppressed his anger, grabbed a glass of wine again, and walked towards Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, I toast with you!”


Before he could get close to Shaun, Mr. Mingzhe was the first to stop him, but he was impatient:

“Don’t be so polite, what are you doing? Don’t try to flatter me, I don’t like it!”

After speaking, he grabbed the glass again and drank it in one go!

Four Patriarchs: “???”

To please you?

Ye Shihao and the others went crazy!

After encountering Shaun, there was an opportunity to be able to contact him, but Mr. Mingzhe, an eyeless idiot, destroyed one after another.

This made them want to break Mr. Mingzhe’s body into pieces!

And now!

Shaun lost his eyes, causing the four Patriarchs to give up in anguish, resisting nausea, and clinking with Mr. Mingzhe to drink.

After that, he no longer dared to mention any toast.

“Elvira, have you seen it? This is what Mr. Mingzhe can do. Even the four Patriarchs have to toast with him!”

Cuiping giggled, then glanced at Shaun in disgust:

“It’s like this rubbish, people even look at him with more disgust!”

This time, Elvira was surprisingly not angry, but said without a smile:

“Is it? I’m afraid that Mr. Lin, who is respected by others, is someone else!”

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