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Chapter 819


Norven saw that Alyssa was really going to leave, and was also anxious.

He stood up and stopped Alyssa: “I know that you and the Adams’ family have already severed the relationship. Although you gave birth to a daughter for Karl, he will not take care of your business, no matter what you want. There are still other ways for me to achieve the result with the fastest speed. I think I should have the ability to do it!”

Norven found her and went around a long way, and now finally opened the skylight to speak brightly, making his purpose clear.

At the beginning, he didn’t clearly state his purpose, that is, he wanted to show off the score, thinking that he could put pressure on Alyssa in his own capacity and let Alyssa take the initiative to speak.

But his estimation was wrong, Alyssa was not that kind of very utilitarian woman, and she was calmer than him.

Finally, let him take the initiative to speak, and lost the initiative.

“Mr. Palmer thinks, I will agree to your terms?” Alyssa looked back at Mr. Norven with a pale expression.

Norven’s complexion had long since become difficult to look at because of Alyssa’s “not knowing good or bad”.

“Naturally, I hope you can be a practical child and agree to my terms.” Norven didn’t move his brows, obviously confident.

“What if I don’t agree?” Alyssa laughed after hearing this.

“Miss Alyssa is also a mother. Please be considerate of my feelings as a father.” Norven lowered his head slightly, looking like he was begging Alyssa in a low voice.

But in fact, his tone sounded very high.

Is this to make Alyssa not considerate?

“Because I am also a mother, I should learn more from you. In the future, I must educate my daughter well and don’t let her become like Miana!”

Speaking of this, Alyssa felt that she and Norven naturally had nothing to talk about.

When she was about to leave, she heard Norven’s threatening voice behind her: “Miss Alyssa, the media has always been interested in your movements. If they know that you and Karl have a daughter who has not been exposed, they will definitely be more interested.”

Norven meant that if Alyssa did not agree to his terms, he would expose Grace.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and then said mockingly: “Mr. Palmer said this, I’m really a little scared.”

Norven narrowed his eyes slightly, and his expression seemed to ease.

Alyssa continued: “I’m afraid, Karl is not afraid. You are a father, and Karl is also a father. If you really want to do this, just do it well, provided that you are willing to bet on yourself for the rest of your life. Consider your reputation.”

“You…” Norven pointed to Alyssa, speechless.

Originally thought that Alyssa was just a helpless woman, so he could just say something to bluff her, but now he was bluffed by Alyssa.

“Farewell.” Alyssa didn’t want to say a word with Norven anymore, opened the box door and went out.

She walked through the lobby of the tea room, and as soon as she left the door, a black car stopped at the door of the tea room.

The car braked firmly, and the door of the cab opened before the it stopped.

The tall and slender figure of the man appeared in Alyssa’s vision.

He slammed the door with a “bang” and walked around the car towards the tea room. He seemed to be in a hurry, if there was anything particularly important.

However, after he saw Alyssa standing at the door, he stopped abruptly.

Alyssa looked at him without speaking.

The man just mentioned appeared in front of her at this moment, still in a hurry.

The two looked at each other for a moment.

Karl walked over first. After reaching Alyssa, he slightly frowned and looked at her, “Why are you here?”

There was an obvious impatience in his tone.

It seemed that he didn’t want to see her at all.

“What incredible place is this? You can visit, but I can’t come?” Alyssa raised her eyes and fixedly looked at Karl.

“Take care of Grace.”

Karl dropped these words and walked past her into the tea room.

Alyssa paused for two seconds, then looked back into the tea room.

The air conditioner was turned on and the door was closed. She could only see the hard door.

What did Karl do in such a hurry?

After Karl entered the tea room, he stood at the door for a moment.

Afterwards, he walked to the window and watched Alyssa’s car leave, his eyes darkened.

At this time, Norven just came out of the box.

Hearing the movement, Karl turned his head and collided with Norven’s sight.

He looked at Norven coldly and walked towards him with his foot raised.

Karl’s eyes flashed with a gloomy tone, and his tone was gloomy: “People outside have always said that Mr. Palmer is an upright person, but now he has been reduced to threatening a woman to achieve his goal. Is this suspect that others can’t catch you? Or say, You don’t want to sit in this position anymore?”

Norven had only been rejected by Alyssa before, and now Karl had said this in person, his anger soaring.

“If it weren’t for you, my daughter wouldn’t be what she is today!” In Norven’s view, Miana would fall into the field today because of Karl.

Karl sneered: “She is your daughter, not my daughter. Why did Miana become like this? You should ask yourself.”

Norven opened his mouth slightly, and was choked into speechlessness.

The video of Miana carrying a dagger in the restaurant was posted on the Internet. Everyone knew that Miana wanted to kill Alyssa.

If the video is not posted on the Internet, Norven does not need to come to Alyssa at all, and he can settle the matter. It will not give Alyssa a chance to report to Miana.

“Alyssa is my person, Grace is my daughter, don’t move them, otherwise…” Karl paused slightly, sneered, then turned and left.

Norven has never been threatened so unrelentingly.

He staggered two steps, stabilized his figure, and gasped with anger, but he couldn’t take Karl what to do.

Karl’s identity was too complicated, and Karl could not be moved casually.

If he moved Karl, the movement would not be too small.

There was a lot of movement, and those who wanted him to step down heard the wind and would definitely take the opportunity to do something against him.

He didn’t want Miana to go to jail, but he didn’t dare to risk his career.

Compared to his daughter, the career that he manages in his lifetime is more important.

On the day Alyssa took Grace to travel abroad, Peter came to see him off.

To put it bluntly, Peter was mainly here to send Tina.

Tina and Alyssa went together.

After Peter watched Alyssa and her party through the security check, they turned around and walked out.

Just a few steps away, saw Karl.

Chapter 820

The air conditioner in the airport was slightly lower, and Karl was dressed in black, and he looked deserted.

Peter walked towards him.

When he reached Karl, he tilted his head to meet Karl’s gaze, raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise: “Why are you here?”

Karl said very perfunctorily: “Passing by.”

After speaking, he turned and walked outside.

Peter chased him up: “Are you a busy person, passing by the airport? If you say this, your little Grace doesn’t believe it.”

When Karl heard the words, he paused slightly before moving on.

When he reached the parking lot, Karl walked straight to his car.

Peter followed Karl like a follower.

Karl took out the car key and opened the lock, reaching out to pull the car door, but Peter slapped the door on the car door, secretly using force to make Karl unable to open the door.

He raised his eyes and looked at Peter blankly, his eyes cold.

Peter looked at Karl’s gaze a little dizzy, but after another thought, Karl wouldn’t really do anything to him, simply moved a few steps boldly and blocked the door.

“To be honest, why are you here at the airport?” Peter was surrounding Karl today, and he had to let Karl give him an answer.

Karl was silent for a moment, his expression becoming colder and colder: “Get out of the way.”

Peter shook with the simple words.

The aura is too strong, even if he and Karl have known each other for so many years, it is inevitable that he lacks confidence at this time.

He had to step aside unwillingly.

While Karl got into the car, he still couldn’t help but said, “Karl, you are here to send away her, right?”

Karl had a pause when he got into the car.

This time he paused for a little longer.

Peter affirmed his thoughts and said excitedly: “Sure enough, we were all deceived by you! From the beginning I didn’t believe that you would be separated from Alyssa, you are a stubborn person, look for someone alone. It’s definitely a lifetime, and it’s impossible to change your mind.”

“Also, with your temperament, it is impossible for you to see a woman like Miana…”

After Peter said a lot of things, Karl’s reaction was rather cold: “Anything else to say?”

“Said already… it’s over.” Peter was just like that.

When Karl’s face became cold, he froze.

“Then I will go first.”

When Peter reacted, Karl had already drove away.

Peter sighed with hands on his hips, and then exploded a little irritably, “f*ck!”

The first stop for Alyssa and Tina with Grace was a city with sea.

Sun, sand, blue sky and sea.

“If you don’t have to work in your life, you can only have a vacation.”

Tina was wearing a b!kini with a sun protection shirt outside, lying under the parasol, squinting her eyes and talking to Alyssa.

Alyssa hadn’t spoken yet, and Grace, who kept sucking on the juice, said, “All those who don’t have to work are salted fish.”

Tina choked, stretched out her hand and gently poked Grace’s face: “Then I want to be a salted fish.”

“Salted fish will be eaten.” After Grace finished speaking, she added: “You will be eaten by Uncle Grant!”

Tina bounced from the recliner suddenly and opened her eyes wide: “Ms. Grace, what are you talking about?”

Grace had just been exposed to the sun, her face was slightly red, and the hair on her forehead was slightly sweaty.

She finished the last bit of juice in the cup, got up and ran.

She ran and said, “Uncle Grant said it. He said he will eat you sooner or later!”

“You stop for me! I will throw you into the sea to catch fish today!” Tina chased after her with teeth and claws.

The two ran away frolicking.

Alyssa put her hands to her mouth to make a horn shape, and shouted at Grace: “Grace slow down.”

Grace ran a little bit obediently, but was quickly caught by Tina.

Alyssa looked for a while, then looked back.

She took out her phone, took a few photos, and posted a Tweet with a location.

There will be fan comments soon.

“Going abroad for vacation?”

“The Tweet that Tina sent yesterday is also the address!”

“Visually, I went on vacation with Tina!”


Alyssa swiped through the comments and put the phone aside.

The scenery is beautiful, but she can’t let go as she imagined.

She always feel restless, as if something is about to happen.

Tina and Grace came back after playing for a while, seeing Alyssa still sitting there, they wanted to drag her to play together.

Alyssa couldn’t stand the young and the big, so she got up and went to play with them.

When returning to the hotel at night, Grace was sleepy after eating.

Alyssa showered her, hugged her to the bed, and she went to sleep.

Little children do like to play, and Alyssa and Tina are taking her out to play. They are all people she knows, and she has a better time.

When she came out of Grace’s room, Tina waved to her with a glass of red wine: “Alyssa, come over and have a drink.”

The sea view room they live in is a bit cold at night.

Tina was wearing a bathrobe, leaning on the balcony, her hair being blown by the night wind.

With a goblet in her hand, Alyssa stood on the balcony looking into the distance.

Tina turned her head and asked her: “Are you worried?”

Alyssa was silent for a moment, and said, “I always feel a little uneasy.”

“Is it because Miana was scaring you before?” Tina felt that this possibility was very high. After all, not only Alyssa, but Grace might also be injured.

Alyssa said quietly: “Maybe it is.”

But she knew in her heart that this was not the reason.

She couldn’t tell why on earth.

Tina likes to travel and can travel a lot, and the itinerary is basically arranged by Tina.

After playing abroad for half a month, Alyssa plans to return to the country.

Before returning to the country, Tina took Alyssa to go shopping.

Grace’s enthusiasm is even higher than Alyssa.

When it comes to shopping, Alyssa is not a cool opponent at all.

Wander around all day without stopping.

Alyssa was tired, so Grace accompanied Tina to look at her clothes.

Finally Grace was tired too, she leaned against Alyssa’s arms and murmured: “Mom, I never want to go shopping with Aunt Tina again.”

“No, Grace, you want to know the good news, you see she bought you so many things…” Alyssa pointed to seven or eight bags next to her.

Grace’s face collapsed: “She has to buy…”

“Haha.” Alyssa was amused by her and touched her head: “That’s because Aunt Tina likes you.”

Grace pursed her lips and stopped talking.

Tina was very generous to Grace, even more generous to Alyssa.

Alyssa felt that she was not her real mother, but Tina was her real mother.

When they finally returned to the hotel, they bought too many things, so they asked someone to send it back.

Back at the hotel, Tina and Grace collapsed on the sofa.

Alyssa called for dinner.

Suddenly, Tina exclaimed: “God!”

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