Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1019

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Chapter 1019

When Jacob came out of the bath, he found Qiulian sitting on his bed.

Jacob frowned slightly, frowning slightly.

Qiulian patted the vacant bed and yelled softly, “Husband, I want to understand. Since we are a husband and wife, I will not dislike you if you are sick. I will sleep next to you every day. Maybe someday You are used to my closeness, and your illness can be cured without medicine.”

Jacob’s faint gaze fell on Qiulian’s dark arms, and suddenly the stomach was noisy uncontrollably. He frowned and endured the pain before moving slowly over.

Qiulian immediately hugged him tightly, crying softly, as if she was being burned by the fire.

“My husband, I’m so uncomfortable.” She said softly.

Jacob held his face silently, enduring the increasingly disgusting feeling.

In the end, he broke her finger mercilessly.

“Qiulian, knowing I can’t do it, why bother me?” Her words seemed to be wrapped in thousands of years of ice, extinguishing her flame instantly.

She held him stubbornly, unwilling to let go.

Jacob broke free of her shackles, “I’ll go downstairs for a walk.”

He turned and opened the door to leave.

Qiulian heard the sound of opening and closing the security door, and a lonely look appeared on her face.

“Do you hate me so much?” Tears rolled out of her eyes.

Jacob wandered aimlessly in the cool night, and finally fell asleep on the bench downstairs in the community. When he woke up, there was a cool breeze, and he felt dizzy, and then he realized that he might be cold.

In the early morning, Qiulian brought her baby down to find him. Seeing him sitting on the bench and sneezing, Qiulian said with tears: “I won’t force you to have s3x in the future. Don’t bother to hide from me, go back and get a good night’s sleep.”

Jacob smiled weakly, “It’s dawn, I’d better go out to find a job. You and Huzi will go back.”

After speaking, he got up from the bench and walked leisurely to the gate of the community.

Qiulian hugged the child with some nostalgia in her eyes, and watched him go away before returning to her rented house.


Perhaps it is because of a good mood recently that Irene’s eyes have gradually recovered some of her vision, and she can barely see objects.

Thinking that there must be a large stack of documents waiting for her to process in the company, Irene dared not slacken her efforts. After finishing the honey makeup, she rushed to the company.

When she sat on the swivel chair in the president’s office, Guan Xiao and Irene were already standing in front of her.

“Guan Xiao, you speak first.” Irene knows that Guan Xiao controls the company’s operations, and Irene controls the company’s logistics.

Guan Xiao really lived up to expectations. After highly refining the contents of the documents that need to be processed by the president in the past few days, the report: “President, in view of the fact that Tian, Bai and several other departments have failed to complete the company’s quarterly assessment performance, so according to the company The regulations have reduced the bonuses of these companies in proportion.”

Irene fiddled with the diamond sunflower on her nails and praised: “Good job.”

Guan Xiao looked bitter, “But the president, during the meeting yesterday, these departments had very big opinions.”

Irene’s voice was cold, revealing an irresistible aura like a queen. “Anything? Let them come to me.”

Guan Xiao nodded: “Yes.”

“Irene, how about you?”

Irene glanced at him complainingly when he saw Guan Xiao suffocating the good atmosphere.

Guan Xiao: “…”

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