Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1023

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Chapter 1023

Jacob turned back, gritted his teeth and said angrily: “What do you want?”

Irene said: “Come to my Media Asia company, you can choose the position, the annual salary is up to you, and you have everything you need for famous houses and cars.”

Jacob’s face was black, “I don’t have such a high net worth.”

Irene kept her tongue out, she seemed to be self-defeating.

This guy still doesn’t know how valuable his abilities are.

Irene thought for a while and said to Guan Xiao: “Guan Xiao, let Irene dismiss the get out of class. From tomorrow, let him be my personal assistant.”

Guan Xiao couldn’t help being jealous. Is this the president who wants to get the month before the water?

Obviously the president is more suitable for the network security department.

Jacob gave her a speechless glance, with a strong reluctance, “I will come to work tomorrow.”

Irene smiled and nodded. Instructed Guan Xiao: “Send him home.”

Guan Xiao’s eyes filled with joy, “Yes.” The answer was sudden.

After Jacob left, Irene recovered the cold expression of the female Rakshasa and walked to Tian Corn.

At this moment, her eyes were sharp like a knife, and her voice was cold to the bone, “Tian Maize, how dare you hit his idea.”

Tian Corn was a little frightened by her appearance. But fleetingly, Tian Zemin remembered how soft and cute the plain face under her Raksha face was.

He shrugged and sneered: “He wants to apply for my company, I have no reason to refuse. After all, any company is desperate for talent.”

Irene was cold-tempered and solemnly warned: “Put away your evil thoughts. I can put the ugly words to the fore. This man is my taboo for Irene. Who dares to think about him, then you have to ask me Disagree.”

Then he said: “If you go against me, don’t blame me for not reading about the relationship between sister-in-law.”

Tian Maize sneered twice, and asked amusingly: “Have you ever cared about our aunts? Three years ago, when you acquired our Tian Group, you almost forced me to desperate situation. I almost fell on my knees. Please, how cold-blooded you are?”

There was a coquettish sneer in his eyes, and he sarcastically said: “Irene, that’s why you got retribution. You fell into a ruined home.”

Irene slapped her face with a slap: “Three years ago, you were inferior to me and lost to me. If it weren’t for us, Media Asia would still be willing to reward you with a bowl of rice. You think you can stand here beautifully. Talk to me?”

An enraged anger appeared on Tian Corn’s face.

How proud was she three years ago? The Tian Group is the largest company in Yancheng. If Irene imposes full sanctions on Tian and breaks their business chain, how could they surrender Chen Chen to Media Asia?

It can only be said that it is not that she can’t do business, but that the opponent is too strong. It was not Irene who could defeat her opponent.

It’s Jacob!

He heard that before the accident, Jacob handed over all plans to acquire various companies to Irene.

So she has not been convinced.

“Irene, 30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi, don’t think that you have him to help you three years ago, and you will achieve eternal victory. Now he…I’m afraid he can’t help you anymore, you You have to be careful, the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and be careful of being shot to death on the beach.”

Irene sneered: “I still care about yourself. If I moved my cheese, I want to see how your Sesame company survives?”

After speaking, Irene left.

Tian Corn stared at Irene’s eyes with sobbing poison.

Guan Xiao sent Jacob to Sunshine Court.

Looking at this elegant and unique architectural complex, Guan Xiao was lost in thought.

President Zhan’s aesthetics is always unique, and poverty cannot prevent him from pursuing an elegant life.

Although Sunshine Court is a poor community, it is the only community in the Imperial Capital that has won the prize. The design structure of the building is a major change in the slums.

However, no matter how high-quality slums are, they are not worthy of his precious status as president of the family war.

Guan Xiao racked his brains to make the president move.

“Mr. Ayue, here is some distance from Media Asia. You don’t have a special car. It will take a lot of time to get to work and crowd the subway every day. Or you can move to live near the company!”

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