Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038

“Can I be puzzled?”

Jacob raised his wrist to look at his watch. It took him an hour to set this question, and she would give up after half an hour of solving it.

“No,” he said angrily.

“I call you uncle.”

Jacob: “…”

“Why don’t you call your uncle?”

Jacob: “…”

“Call your brother! Brother A Yue.” Hippie said with a smile.

This brother screamed very naturally.

But Jacob’s face was stiff.

“Didn’t you just call me ancestor?”

Irene was about to cry, “How bad is it to call your ancestor?”

Jacob said: “I like it.”

At least there are not a few other titles that make people think.

Irene nodded, “Well, Brother A Yue.”

Jacob stared at her…

In the next game, Irene was defeated.

In the end, Irene dragged him to the game console of the “Defensive of Love”, and said: “The previous games were not our women’s good at, this I will definitely win you. If I lose, I will-I will remove the makeup for you. Look.”

“Who rarely looks at your plain face?” Jacob said.

Irene blushed and said, “I may bring you surprises without makeup.”

Jacob said: “I’m afraid that surprise will turn into fright.”

Then he looked at the game console screen and asked: “What kind of game is this?”

“It’s a game of men, wives and mistresses. This game simulates the modern family’s view of marriage and love, which is very real.”

Jacob frowned, “I hate Xiaosan.”

Irene was like a puppet stabbed by a needle, suddenly shrinking in pain.

“Some juniors are actually excusable.” She quibbled with a guilty conscience, and subconsciously classified herself as a junior.

Jacob had a tough attitude, “As long as it is a junior who destroys other people’s families, they should be cast aside.”

“What is the punishment for Xiaosan?” he asked suddenly.

Irene said: “If Xiaosan wins, there will be no punishment.”

He spoke uprightly: “Should we not dip the pig cage into the lotus pond?”

Irene was so frightened by him that he swallowed, and even said nothing. “Then see if you can resist the temptation of Xiao San.”

Jacob rolled her eyes, “Let’s start.”

Irene sat in front of him, and felt the terrifying breath of him at the beginning of the game.

He glanced at her with ulterior motives, and thought to himself: defeat her and let her accept the thought of being a junior.

Irene thought: “She must whitewash the innocent mistress so that he can fall in love with the mistress.”

The game begins, and the down-and-out male protagonist is forced to separate from his wife.

A few years later, the male protagonist returns in fine clothes, but he has a beautiful wife beside him.

Zhazhan’s wife brought her children to the door, but the male protagonist didn’t know his wife, so his wife was mistaken for a mistress.

So the wife and Xiao San started the fight!

The setting of the game is actually adapted from the true story of Jacob, Irene, and Qiulian.

All avatars, reality and game settings are reversed.

So as not to cause Jacob’s suspicion.

At the beginning of the game, Jacob originally wanted to give Xiaosan a happy ending. But when he saw the game settings, he hesitated

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