Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039

He couldn’t tell who the two women around the male lead were the real juniors.

He looked at Irene, “Which role did you choose?”

Irene said without hesitation: “Original.”

Jacob directly gave Irene’s role a lore.

The sound of the game sounded: the husband kicked his wife out of the game and the game ended.

He is a super calm and rational person who can stand outside the game. However, Irene is a very emotional person. She empathizes with the characters in the game. She simply cannot accept such an ending.

Her emotions broke down instantly, and her dark eyes flushed instantly from suffocation. She stared at Jacob angrily…

She was so angry that her body was shaking.

“You won’t cry if you lose?” Jacob looked at her in wonder.

Are women such fickle personality?

Irene roared: “Why did you kill me?”

Why not her?

Jacob sneered, looking at her as if he was mentally retarded.

“It’s we who are fighting. If you don’t destroy who you destroy?”

Irene: “…”

“You just want to beat me?”


Irene sank to the ground in a cold sweat. Constantly comforting her heart, this is just a game.

Jacob looked at her suspiciously, looking at the fine beads of sweat on her forehead, frowning: “Don’t play if you can’t afford it.”

Irene: “…”

She can’t afford to lose the game, but can’t afford to lose her life.

Jacob glanced at Irene with tears in his eyes, a touch of confusion filled his eyes.

What is this woman crying?

At this time, his cell phone rang suddenly.

When he picked up the phone, he heard Qiulian’s fierce voice coming from, “Husband, come back soon, Huzi is very sick.”

Jacob’s face changed drastically, “Okay, I’ll be back soon.”

It was too late to explain to Irene, the long legs had already rushed outside.

Irene looked at Jacob’s back like a hurricane, her eyes filled with sadness.

He cares so much about Qiulian and his children, presumably he and Qiulian are together because of love?

She got up lonely, called the person in charge of the Ambulance Center of Media Asia Medical Department, and ordered the other party to go to Wei’an Garden for rescue immediately.

And she herself rushed to the Medical Department of Media Asia.

When the ambulance brought Jacob’s family of three to Media Asia Hospital, Irene had been waiting for a long time.

“What’s the matter?” Irene asked in response.

“The child has a high fever and is in a coma. As for the cause, we need to investigate.” The doctor said.

Qiulian was so scared that she couldn’t speak, and she was powerless, hanging on Jacob like an octopus.

Irene glanced at Jacob, watching him lay out a hand to hold Qiulian tightly, and Jun’s face was worried. Irene gave birth to a touch of jealousy out of thin air.

“Come here, send Qiulian to the ward and find a nurse to take good care of her.”


Irene glanced at Jacob bitterly. Although there were many complaints against him in his heart, she still couldn’t help calming him: “Don’t worry, the child will be fine.”

Jacob nodded.

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