Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1142

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Chapter 1142

The old lady shook her head violently, and she started to tremble, “Master, don’t look.”

Zhan Tingye looked at Irene, “Irene, what do you think these photos are?”

Irene said: “Recently, we Media Asia have been embarrassed on all sides. Not only have we been attacked by anonymous hackers, but even more terrifying is the leak of my personal seal. I think about it, the only person who can steal my personal seal is Brother Jie, and the only person capable of instigating Brother Jie to do this is the eldest lady. So I kept my eyes on the eldest lady and let people investigate her whereabouts. However, I never expected that I would discover her secret.”

“The old lady has been in and out of Bai’s house frequently recently, and she has a close relationship with Bai Shuwu. I don’t think the war between the Bai family and the Bai family will attack Media Asia, so it must be her personal wish that the big lady’s hard work to help Bai’s.”

Speaking of this, Irene glanced at Zhan Tingye, and seeing Zhan Tingye’s elegant face piled up with layers of anger, Irene knew that he was right.

The eldest lady’s tactics were exposed, and she sank to the ground depressed. But she still did not give up her sophistry: “I just don’t accept it. What a glorious scenery our war family used to be, why the foundation that the war family has worked so hard to create should be given to this girl for no reason. So I want to give it to the war family. Retake the enterprise and give it to Jacob.”

“Why are you so confused?” Zhan Tingye’s anger turned into pity.

Irene admired the lady’s demeanor that the water came to cover her soldiers to block her.

Irene sighed and sighed, “Madam, originally I wanted to give you a trace of face. Since you don’t admit your mistake, I don’t need to give you any face.”

The old lady had a bad feeling, and looked at Irene with hatred. “What other means do you have? Use them all?”

Irene winked at Guan Xiao, and Guan Xiao took out another stack of photos from the folder and handed them to Zhan Tingye respectfully.

When Zhan Tingye saw the photo, his face instantly turned pale.

Irene said: “I never use any means. I didn’t speak eloquently with you today. Just thinking that you are Brother Jie’s foster mother. So I just want the facts to speak.”

After reading the photos, Zhan Tingye suddenly went crazy and threw all the photos on the face of the lady. Those intimate and ambiguous photos fell to the feet of the lady.

Everyone in the room can clearly see the intimate scene of the old lady and Bai Shuwu.

The eldest lady read these photos clearly. The face is like ashes.

Zhan Tingye kicked her in the stomach, and his anger made him lose his mind. He picked up the broom next to him and waved frantically on the lady. “I killed you sl*t. How dare you mess with other men behind my back. Who are you Zhan Tingye? For so many years, you can’t give birth to me. I tolerate you. You burst out Bastard daughter, I also forgive you. I think that those are your past faults, I will not blame them, and I respect you for your security and self-preservation these years. But what about you? Did you return me like this? “

The old lady held her head and was beaten to her knees by Zhan Tingye, begging for mercy, “Master, I was wrong. Please forgive me, right? I don’t dare anymore.”

Zhan Tingye furiously said: “You betrayed me, and you count on me to forgive you. What do you think I am?”

The old lady begged for mercy from the old lady again, “Old lady, please persuade Ting Ye. He is crazy, he is going to kill me. Old lady, you think about that year, think about Jacob’s relatives, what happened to the Zhan Family Are there fewer tragedies?”

For the eldest lady, give the old lady a head start.

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