Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

Jacob’s eyes looked at Zhansu. Zhansu’s eyes were so clear that there were no impurities. This child was brought up by him. He knew Zhansu best. He had the same temperament as him, so arrogant and disdainful to be with lies. .

Jacob said, “Nanning, we will talk about our affairs another day. I will take the children home first.”

Bai Nanning bit her lip. Her hard work was ruined by Derek’s sudden appearance. She was both wronged and resentful.

But she had to obediently succumb to Jacob’s arrangement, “Jacob, then I will go back first.”

Bai Nanning left reluctantly, and Derek and Jason watched her desolate back. After all, the two children were innocent, and at this moment they showed some guilt.

“Satisfied?” Jacob asked the two mischievous kings with his arms folded and black face.

After Derek did something wrong, he would obediently lower his head, looking like a good baby who didn’t fight back or scolded? Then there will be a confession from the depths of the soul, “Daddy, I was wrong.”

Jason’s character is very stubborn and strong, and he will never apologize against his will. He didn’t wronged Bai Nanning, so he raised his eyes and looked at Daddy confidently, “Daddy, you can stay away from Mommy, but I don’t want you to be with Aunt Bai.”

Derek looked sadly at Jason, stubbornly and capriciously corrected, “No, Daddy can only be with Mommy.”

There was no expression on Jason’s cool and handsome face, but he said firmly, “Daddy is happy.”

Derek whimpered, “Jason, we have agreed, to help Daddy and Mommy get back together.”

Jason said, “Daddy doesn’t like Mommy. You can’t force him.”

Derek looked at the direction of Bai Nanning’s disappearance, with an expression of regret, “I knew this, it would be better to let Daddy marry this Aunt Bai. She is so beautiful (chest) and still has no brains, Daddy looks happy. She can’t bully us because of her superficial skills.”

Jacob hugged his arms, and bursts of blue smoke filled the top of his head. Do these two stinky boys think he doesn’t exist?

“You have heard clearly, Daddy loves you very much, but Daddy will never get back together with Grace. The emotional world of adults is very complicated, which is not something you children can understand. Don’t worry about this in the future, okay “” Jacob urged the two little buns earnestly. He was so firm on the surface of his heart that he didn’t want the child to carry hopeless hope, but was finally defeated by the cruel reality.

Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain!

Derek was obviously frustrated by his daddy’s affirmative confession, his small eyes looked at daddy pitifully, tears flickering, I saw pity.

Jason looked at Daddy, calmly criticizing Daddy, “Daddy, you should change your arrogant and complacent habits.”

Jacob was full of laughter and laughter. He was educated by his son at such a big life. “Don’t you believe it?” Jacob was arrogant.

When he thought of Grace’s face, Jacob couldn’t help but recalled her calculation of his face six years ago. He felt disgusted when he saw her, so he firmly believed that it was impossible to be with her in this life.

Jason’s arrogance is blue, but he is better than blue. “Daddy still remembers that on the way to save Derek that day, he vowed that he would not give money to the kidnappers the other day, but after knowing that Derek was his own child, he didn’t turn back Yet?”


The scene where Jacob’s face was most slapped in his life was retelled by Jason, and he instantly felt embarrassed.

Jason looked at Daddy’s expression, but suddenly laughed.

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