Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

He had always been Bingshan’s cold face, and suddenly smiled, like Sanchun’s charming and shy reply, and Ziyanhong was in full bloom in an instant. The colors around him are so beautiful that it fades.

In the end, Jacob only stretched out his hand and gently squeezed Jason’s face, threatening with a trace of gentle dominance in his ferociousness, “Forget about this thing completely.”

Jason obediently nodded.

Finally, it was not too early. Because of Jason’s special dining habits, Jacob decided to take his two sons home.

Unexpectedly, Jason’s groundbreaking suggestion said, “Daddy, just eat outside.”

Jacob was startled, “Can you?”

Jason pursed his lips and nodded slightly.

The temperament on his body is clean and peaceful. Every time he exits, he seems to be well thought out.

Jacob was very surprised, but extremely pleasantly surprised, “Jason, when did you overcome your fear of eating out?”

Jason raised his head at a forty-five-degree angle and looked up at the blue sky. “Mummy said, the brave are fearless, the walker has no boundaries, and the wise man has no worries.”

Jacob couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. Can Grace, who is vulgar and ignorant, bring such wisdom to Jason?

When Jacob called the people from Media Asia’s restaurant department to reserve a place, and was about to take the children there, Mr. Jasonly called.

“Son.” As soon as Jacob picked up the phone, the old man’s voice was particularly excited:

“Janice said that you recently added another son. How can you keep such a big happy event from your family? Grandpa has given important instructions. In order to welcome Derek back home, the Zhan Family will organize a grand event for Derek. Welcome ceremony.”

“At that time, the name of Derek will be changed, and grandpa and uncles will also give away some shares of Derek. Remember that you must bring your children to this banquet tomorrow evening. Grandpa will also hold a press conference to announce Derek’s identity off!”

Jacob looked at Derek, thinking that his father would have to go through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties when he wanted to see his son. He hadn’t obtained the custody of his son, so the old man couldn’t wait to get Derek into a normal position.

He was afraid of rushing over this matter, causing Grace to jump the wall in a hurry. You must know that Derek’s heart and Grace are also one at this time. If the mother and son join forces to make a big escape——

Although the Zhan Family’s hands and eyes were open to the sky, he thought that Grace was able to hide the sky under her want and gave birth to a child in October, and then successfully let her relax his defenses against her and fled abroad through the trick of deceiving him.

The child is her flesh and blood, and he can’t take the slightest risk. Jacob said to the old man, “Dad, tell grandpa, the press conference is cancelled.”

The old man was furious and his voice was louder than thunder, “Why?”

Jacob said in a rare muffled voice, “If the child is renamed, he will have to wait for the Zhan Family to obtain the custody of the child.”

The old man was relieved, “I thought it was a big deal? Isn’t it just custody? I heard Janice say that Grace has also been very hard in bringing children in recent years, and the children are also very good, polite and sensible. . Our Zhan Family will not treat her badly. Give her a sum of money—”

“Dad, money can’t solve the problem.”

“Then give more.”

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