Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

This is more than that.

As soon as the picture on TV changed, a foreign doctor appeared.

He is wearing a white coat and a pair of gold glasses, but the arrogance and disdain on his face are extremely rich.

Facing the camera, he arrogantly said in Chinese:

“This is the twelfth Chinese medicine expert I have defeated. In the eyes of us Westerners, Chinese medicine is just sh!t, rubbish, and nothing to mention!”

“Traditional Chinese medicine has become a thing of the past. Mike once again announced that I will become a nightmare for Chinese medicine!”


Arrogant and domineering!

After hearing this, not only the reporters on TV also others, they were in an uproar.

Even the Elvira family before the TV was blown up.


Elvira slammed the chopsticks in her hand on the table, her pretty face flushed with anger:

“Too much deception! This foreign doctor dared to humiliate our Chinese medicine doctor so much!”

“Yeah, it’s too low quality! You know, the resurrection pill to cure AS pneumonia is Chinese medicine! What qualifications does he have to despise Chinese medicine!” Baishan was also too angry to eat.

And seeing this scene.

Shaun also frowned, and had to say that this western doctor named Mike was really uncomfortable.

He looked at Elvira and asked:

“Wife, do you really want to teach this foreigner?”

“Of course! He is not qualified to despise our Huaxia TCM doctor. I really hope someone will stand up and teach him an unforgettable lesson!” Elvira exhaled, and her beautiful eyes were full of anger.

And hearing this, Shaun nodded and looked at the microphone on the TV, which was a bit more playful.

Ding Ding Ding!

At this moment, Baishan’s telephone rang.

When he picked it up, his expression changed greatly:

“What! Mr. Bai… critically ill?”

The First People’s Hospital of Jiang City.

At the moment, the corridors of the VIP senior ward are overcrowded.

Almost all the Bai family seniors.

Grandpa Bai!

He is definitely the backbone of the Bai family, if he dies from illness, it will definitely be a devastating blow to the Bai family.

“Oh… this time we are really fortunate uncle, if it wasn’t the uncle who found out, and was sent to the hospital in time, I’m afraid that Mr. Bai will really lose his life this time!”

“Yeah, Young Master Harper is amazing. He even invited the expert Mike who has won twelve consecutive Chinese medicine games. With him, the Mr. Bai is absolutely safe!”

“It’s a pity that Elder Gao was defeated by Mike, wisely ruined!”


Many Bai family members talked a lot.

This time, it was Uncle Haibai who first founded Mr. Bai.

Also it was Harper again, who invited the western doctor Mike who had just defeated the old man.

Suddenly, in the hearts of all the Bai family members, the images of Haibai and his son rose instantly.

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