Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Even if they were expelled from the Bai family, they were still praised by everyone.

Not only that.

“Huh! Speaking of it, this time Mr. Bai became ill, the Elvira family must have been angry! Especially that Shaun, he was a beast!”

“Yes, it’s that the second master’s family who plan to killed Shaun were arrested, and the other uncle’s family were expelled! Mr. Bai was attacked by these illusions in his mind, otherwise how could he get sick!”


All the Bai family members, even if they didn’t even know how Mr. Bai was, they already threw this black pot on Shaun’s head.

Da da da!

At this moment, a series of rapid footsteps came.

The Baishan family walked over quickly.

“Big Brother, how is Dad now?” Bai Shan asked with an anxious expression to Haibai in the crowd.

After seeing the Baishan family, especially Shaun among them, the uncle Haibai’s eyes suddenly split:

“Huh! The third one, do you still have a face? Dad almost died this time, all due to your good sons-in-law he was angry!”

“Let him go! Our Bai family doesn’t need such a white-eyed wolf!”

second uncle took the lead in targeting Shaun.

And these words came out.

All the high-level people around, the anger in their hearts burst out.

There was a lot of noise, almost all of them cursed Shaun.

Seeing this scene.

The complexion on faces of Elvira’s family were hard to see.

Especially Elvira.

She couldn’t think of how her own people would be so indiscriminate and cursed Shaun.

And just when Elvira was about to help Shaun refute.


The door of the senior ward opened instantly.

All the Bai family members rushed to the ward.

As soon as they walked into the ward, they could see several doctors in white coats.

One of them is a tall old man. In just a few days, his whole personality seems to be several years old, and his hair is gray.

And beside him, standing a proud foreigner was the western doctor Mike they saw on TV.

“Old man, what kind of illness my dad has?” Uncle Haibai asked first to Mr. Gao.

And this sentence made Gao’s expression darker.

He shook his head and said with a wry smile:

“Sorry, I… did not make a diagnosis! I found that all the limbs and brain of Mr. Bai showed signs of redness and swelling, like a kind of disease. But I can’t be sure…”


Many Bai family members got stunned, their hearts gradually sank.

And seeing this scene, the western doctor Mike next to him sneered instantly:

“Hahaha… I have already said that Chinese medicine is just a mess of sh!t!”

“Huh, let me tell you! Mr. Bai suffers from a common cerebral infarction, plus varicose veins in his limbs. Only one operation is required, and I promise to heal him in short!”

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