Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 119

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Chapter 119

“There is no problem that money can’t solve.” The old man said with great confidence in the microphone.

The war family is not short of money, so all generations of descendants and grandchildren abide by this golden standard.

There is nothing difficult in the world as long as the money is in place.

However, when Jacob was practicing this golden standard a few days ago, Grace unceremoniously poured tea, which made him embarrassed.

So when the old man mentioned the “gold standard” again, Jacob felt naive and superficial.

“Dad, Grace doesn’t need money, only her son.” Jacob told the old man very solemnly. “So, for tomorrow’s press conference, I am not sure whether the child will be able to attend.”

The old man was silent for a moment and said, “No money? Well, yes, very spine. But what does she use to fight our war family?”

Jacob said, “I want to know too.” After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Only then did he notice that Derek was looking at him with a pair of aura and bright colored pupils.

There was a trace of vigilance and defense in his small eyes.

“Daddy, are you robbing me with Mommy? I tell you, I will never return to the war house. If you and Mommy don’t get back together.” Derek’s expression was serious.

Every pore of Jacob seemed to be filled with cold wind, how he could say it from Derek if he was so decisive.

“Why?” Although Jacob’s heart was as cold as ice, his voice maintained its inherent temperature as much as possible.

Derek blinked at the watery pupil and said:

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I know I will make you very sad to say this, but I really can’t leave Mommy, because I want to repay Mommy’s kindness. I had a serious illness when I was three years old. It was Mommy. She lost a lot of blood to save my life.

At that time, I heard from the doctor’s uncle that Mommy almost died. Mommy gave me two lives, and I can’t forget my roots. Daddy, sorry. “

When Jacob heard this story of the child, he couldn’t help but feel much moved.

He remembered when Derek was wandering on the line of life and death two years ago, and he, the father, didn’t even know his existence. Grace took all the panic and anxiety alone. Hearing Derek’s experience, she actually gave birth to infinite heartache.

“Derek, don’t worry, Daddy won’t let you and Mommy… separate!” Jacob said something against his heart.

Derek threw himself into Jacob’s arms, “Daddy, I will always love you.”

This is Derek, kind and heartwarming.

Like the scorching sun, people can feel the enthusiasm of his body’s magnetic field at any time.

Jacob took the children to Media Asia and ordered very expensive and very hearty delicacies.

Derek sighed when he saw the food he had never eaten before.

“What’s wrong?” The bowl that Jacob gave him was full.

Derek was stunned, “Such a delicious meal, how good would it be to share it with Sister Mommy?”

Jason said, “Derek, you can pack it home.”

Derek asked Jacob for instructions, “Daddy, can I?” Acting like a coquettish and cute, Jacob couldn’t refuse.

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