Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 120

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Chapter 120

It’s just that, with just one meal, the outside world has completely changed.

When Jacob came out with the children and the packed meals, he saw the luxury cars of the Long Snake Array parked at the gate of Huanya, and the bodyguards in neat uniforms were standing next to each luxury car.

Seeing this kind of battle, Jacob’s first reaction was to hug Jason.

Jason, this child does not like crowded places, and is particularly resistant to strangers touching him. Therefore, in recent years, Jacob and Jason’s grandparents have dismissed the nanny driver for this only grandson, living a simple life like a commoner. .

However, the Zhan Family is a family of four generations. Although Jacob and Jason’s grandparents can go from extravagance to frugality, the old man, the Patriarch of the Zhan Family, and the other three sons under the old man are really very high-profile.

There are luxury cars to honor the trip, countless bodyguards escorted, and friends from the news media to follow up and report, which is as grand as the emperor’s trip.

The old lady is in her eighties this year, but she is very young, vigorous, with gray hair, sharp and energetic eyes, and she looks like she is in his early sixties.

After getting out of the car, the old lady was supported by four young and beautiful nurse ladies, but walked calmly towards Jacob.

Behind her are her eldest son, second son, third son and younger son in order.

The eldest son is Jacob’s father and Jason Derek’s grandfather. His face looks very loving, and he can’t see such a smiling old man, but he has stayed abroad and went through business as Zhan’s business. Territory of people.

The two- and three-family families can be thriving. Jacob has many cousins, most of whom come from these two families.

And their descendants have developed many other fine bloodlines, such as being in the army and medicine——

The most thrilling one is the youngest. This is the old man who came after the old man was nearly sixty years old, and he is naturally spoiled.

And this young uncle of Jacob really brought into full play the dude of the rich boy.

Not doing business all day, picking up girls is the joy of his life.

And this young uncle and Jacob are almost the same in age, although the seniority is higher than Jacob, and everything else is inferior to Jacob, he was clamped to death by Jacob. To Jacob is neither love nor hate nor neither.

Today, they suddenly appeared in Media Asia together, naturally coming for the little great-grandson of the Zhan Family.

Derek pursed his mouth when he saw such a big battle.

“My dear grandson, oh, let me see, two dear grandchildren who are exactly the same, let me guess who is Derek and who is Jason!” The old lady was innocent. Seeing two equally delicate children, she cheered with surprise.

The grandfathers were all watching Derek and Jason with enthusiasm, because Derek was a little unhappy at the moment, and the expressions on his face converged with Jason.

“Who is who on earth?” Grandpa and grandpas were in trouble.

Yao Grandpa Palmer used his playful character and stepped forward and unceremoniously pinched the noses of Jason and Derek. While smiling uncontrollably, “Isn’t it easy to identify Derek and Jason? The one who can stare and bite is Jason.”

As soon as her voice fell, Jason stared at her suddenly. Derek looked at her innocently.

Palmer said, “Look, this is Jason.” She pulled Jason out and said, “This little wolf dog is like his father. He doesn’t like talking but likes to stare at people, which is not likable.”

Jacob immediately gave his uncle a death gaze, “Why shoud Jason please you my family?” Then he pulled Jason back to himself.

After the joke, the old lady said loudly:

“Janice said that Derek doesn’t need to test his DNA, he knows he is the flesh and blood of the Zhan Family at a glance. I see it now. It is true that there is no need to test the DNA and I will bring him back to the Zhan Family. He is left out.”

The last sentence is overbearing.

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