Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 121

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Chapter 121

Derek obviously showed resistance. He raised his innocent eyes and looked at Daddy pitifully, and said in a low voice, “Daddy, I want to go home and return to Boiling City.”

Jacob looked at Derek’s longing eyes, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart. But he coaxed with patience and temper, “Derek, Grandpa and a few grandpas personally come to invite you to go home. You will go back to the Zhan Family Manor for a few days with Daddy, okay?”

Derek was unhappy in his heart, but he didn’t want to leave a bad impression of his grandfather without being polite. He nodded aggrievedly, but solemnly bargained with Daddy, “At most two days. Daddy, I will return to Boiling City anyway after two days, otherwise Mommy should be anxious.”

Jacob nodded and agreed, “Yes.”

In this way, Derek was taken back to the tourmaline manor in the suburbs by the Zhan Family’s luxury car.

The tourmaline manor covers an area of thousands of acres, and the buildings made of pure natural stone are heavy and luxurious. The exquisite European-style carvings can be described as extraordinary craftsmanship, and the interior decoration is resplendent like a palace. There is a private airport, swimming pool, gymnasium, and international private school in the manor. The supporting facilities are complete, and the hard-core technology inside can be called the international leader.

There are several palace courtyards in the Tourmaline Manor, which are independent residences for each house of the Zhan Family. Because each owner’s personality is different, the garden scenery of the palace also has a different style.

The old lady likes the French Le Nôtre’s symmetry and rigor. The plants in her other courtyard are neatly trimmed and solemn.

In the next generation, the garden style of the big house is very traditional. It has the lightness and transparency of traditional Jiangnan gardens. The winding paths are secluded and the scenery is different. The artificial natural scenery is faked. The thinness of the Taihu stone reveals that the bamboo. Drifting and clean, all kinds of bonsai, as well as lotus pond rockery, small bridge and flowing water, it can be described as unique ingenuity.

The two bedrooms and three bedrooms are a bit foreign and foreign, like plants that are trimmed into various spherical shapes, and there are transparent lawns everywhere.

As the youngest member of the youngest warrior is unrestrained, his garden adopts the British design, with large tracts of roses, roses, and various arched corridors passing through the green fields, which looks like a gorgeous and charming flower in full bloom.

Jason entered the manor, and hugged Jacob’s neck tightly without letting go. His body was obviously stiffened because of tension. Jacob had to worry about Derek’s resistance to going home, and also worried about Jason’s uncomfortable feeling when he went home, his brows were frowned.

Fortunately, Janice was very considerate of his brother, and took the initiative to walk over and hugged Derek. She also deliberately asked for words to distract the children, “Derek, your aunt told you that there are many delicious foods here at night, do you want to pack them for mommy and sister?”

Speaking of Mommy and Sister, Derek missed Mommy and Sister even more, and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Seeing which pot Janice would not open or mention which pot, Jacob handed Janice a cold eye.

As the old lady stepped into the meeting hall of the Zhan Family, other people also entered. The meeting hall has a very large area, surrounded by white marble Roman columns, gorgeous palace lamps overhead, and stars and moons inlaid on the vaulted roof with carved beams and ridges, which are beautiful.

As soon as the grandfather sat in the position of the patron, he ordered the attendant next to him, “Take out the red envelope he prepared for the young master.”

As soon as the voice fell, I saw a beautiful blonde woman walking out gracefully with a jade plate wearing a red uniform dress customized by the senior engineer of the warrior family. There is a thick pile of Renminbi in the jade plate and a diamond bank card next to it.

The old man’s gaze swept towards Derek and Jason, and a touch of confusion appeared on his face again, “Oh, look at my memory, I forget who is Jas and who is Derek?”

Jas hugged Jacob’s neck tightly, and seemed very worried about this occasion.

Derek hugged his aunt’s neck, and ignored the old man because he refused to go home.

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