Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

The old man sighed and said, “These two little guys, why you are so afraid of being like this? Grandpa is not a tiger? Wouldn’t he eat you? My dear grandchildren, come on, grandpa has prepared red envelopes for you, if you take red envelopes without courage, and grandpa changed his mind and put away these red packets.”

A few uncles and aunts laughed. The laughter sounded to agree with the great grandfather, but it felt awkward to listen to it, and there was a smell of yang and yin in it.

Derek and Jason ignored the grandfather, and the grandfather’s expression was a bit ugly.

At this time Palmer interjected, “Dad, these two sons are so weak in character, why don’t they follow their father at all. How mad when Jacob was a child?”

This seems like a joke, but insinuatingly hides the suspect that the blood of the two children is false.

Jacob’s handsome face instantly darkened.

Derek glanced at Daddy’s angry face inadvertently, and suddenly slipped off Janice. Stepping on his short legs, he swaggered to the front of the grandfather, and yelled sweetly, “Grandfather, I am not a bully. I just don’t want your money.”

You know, the meeting ceremony that the head of the family gives to each offspring is a very strong capital. Even if this person sits and eats the sky, he can eat and wear for three lifetimes.

Therefore, everyone in the Zhan Family uses multiple heirs to win the attention of Grandpa.

It’s just that the grandfather’s most important thing is his bloodline. Those illegitimate children who depend on their primary three and four-children will not get a piece of the pie with Grandpa.

Calculated in this way, there are actually very few children who are truly recognized by the Patriarch.

As for Jacob, he was full of luck. Originally, there was a war that made the grandfather treat him differently. Unexpectedly, he dropped a son from the sky and didn’t need a blood test. Naturally, he was jealous of the people in the other rooms.

Especially the younger Uncle Palmer, because of his seniority, but so far does not have a serious girlfriend. Therefore, the shares they took away from the old lady’s hands are very few.

But Derek received great love from his grandfather, but he didn’t know what to do. Wouldn’t it be surprising to give up the benefits the grandfather gave him?

The grandfather was surprised, because the other great-grandchildren, under the guidance of the adults, wished to get more benefits from him. Derek was the first person to refuse his gift.

“Derek, do you know what it means for grandpa to give you a red envelope?” Grandpa felt subconsciously that Derek didn’t value his red envelope, and might not know the meaning of this meeting gift.

Derek glanced at the luxurious and infinite lobby, sonorously, “Grandpa will definitely give me a lot of money. With this money, I can live in a luxury house, buy a luxury car, and do whatever I want. .”

His answer really shocked everyone in the room.

Everyone is puzzled, isn’t Grace born in the countryside? How could it be possible to teach such a proud son?

However, Jacob’s cold and dark face gradually burst into a smile of relief.

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