Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 123

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Chapter 123

The grandfather’s thin hand struck heavily on the thick renminbi, and at this moment, there was a touch of childlike playfulness in the eyes that had always been sharp as eagles.

His voice kindly confessed to Derek: “Since you know that this money can bring you so many benefits, why not?

Grandpa has heard that you and your mommy still live in a snail house, and that is a rented house.

Derek, you can buy a big house for your mom with this money, and your mom will be very happy. “

Derek raised his head, looked up at the grandfather, and firmly refused:

“Grandpa, Mommy and I are really short of money, but this does not mean that we can accept gifts from others at will. Mommy once taught me that I must learn to be self-reliant and have a good life. I must use my own Create with both hands.

Mommy also said that misfortunes depend on blessings and blessings depend on misfortunes. The grandfather gave me so much money today, which seems to be a good thing on the surface, but after careful analysis, it hides a huge danger. “

Derek’s self-reliance is very much appreciated by the old man.

It’s just Derek’s last sentence, but it is comprehensible.

The wife of Sanfang immediately said, “Derek, Grandpa is kindly sending you a meeting ceremony. How can you say that he is hiding danger? Is it possible that Grandpa will harm you?”

The expressions of five-year-old children are mostly obscure. He grasped the loopholes in Derek’s words, and he clearly had the intention to suppress them.

Derek immediately corrected his wording:

“Grandma San, you are wrong. The danger I said is not what you understand. Grandpa gave me a meeting gift, let alone so much money, just a small needle. Derek should thank grandpa.”

The third lady asked ill-intentionally, “Then what do you mean by dangerous?”

She believes that his five-year-old child cannot cope with her tricky problems.

Derek blinked at Hui Wei’s pupil and spoke endlessly.

“Grandpa gave me a lot of money. I might lose my mind because of it. I would slack off to study and become ignorant. One of them. Grandpa gave me a lot of money. I might be jealous of my classmates and coveted by bad guys Will try every means to hurt me, my personal safety will not be guaranteed, this second. And…”

When Derek said this, tears flashed in his eyes suddenly, and he felt pity at the appearance of hesitating to speak.

The grandfather was so enthusiastic about Derek, who had not said anything, and when he saw that Derek suddenly became depressed, he asked with concern, “Why didn’t you say it?”

Derek raised a pair of teary eyes, “Grandpa, the more pampered I get, the more lost my sister will be. I don’t want my sister to be sad.”

Derek’s kindness and sensibility made the old lady sigh.

“This kid, I really like him more and more.”

The old man stuck the diamond into Derek’s hand, and said softly, “There is not much money in it. Take it back and give it to Mommy, just as I am grateful for her to raise me an excellent and lovely little grandson. Remuneration.”

Derek put the card back into the jade plate and said, “Grandpa, my mommy won’t ask for your money.”

Little eyes glanced at the Jacob on the side, and said, “Daddy also gave Mommy a lot of money a few days ago. But Mommy didn’t ask for anything. Mommy said that every mother raises her own children. This is their obligations.”

The old lady was a little helpless.

This kind of sophisticated but not sophisticated child is really rare.

The old lady looked at Derek with admiration, and at that moment only wanted to give him all his favors, but she also understood a truth. It might not be a good thing for Derek to get too much pampering. It is possible that he would end up with a sad ending like Jason.

The old man turned his face straight, looked at Derek with deep eyes, and asked sternly, “Isn’t it a rude behavior if you don’t want your grandfather’s meeting ceremony?”

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