Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 124

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Chapter 124

Derek stretched out his little hand and pulled out six RMB from the stack of RMB.

With a sweet smile, “Grandpa, six hundred Yuan is enough for a meeting gift.”

This manipulation made the whole room stunned.

Originally, the grandparents, uncles and aunts in the other rooms also prepared big red envelopes. Because the old lady’s red envelopes could not be sent out, they looked at each other at a loss.

Palmer took the lead in putting the red envelope into his pocket, “Since Derek doesn’t want it, we won’t embarrass the little guy, Jacob, don’t you think?”

Jacob said, “The meeting ceremony will be waived. We are not short of money.”

The old lady waved to the others and said, “You go out first, I have something to discuss with Jacob.”

Others filed out.

Janice held Jason, and took Derek’s hand and walked outside.

Jacob looked at his grandfather, did not see his grandfather for a while, and saw that he had added countless more Huafas, and he was a little disappointed.


The old lady stared at Jacob, the righteousness, bones and arrogance in Jacob’s body, flowing in the bodies of Jason and Derek. This made him very pleased.

“The children are like you.” The old man sighed.

Jacob smiled and said, “Grandpa taught well.”

Jacob made sense to say so. When the old man used to smash the mall when he was young, he had no time to take care of his son.

After he got old and had an outstanding successor around him, he had a lot of free time. At this time, Jacob was born. He put all his energy on Jacob and taught him carefully, from being a man to doing business.

And Jacob didn’t let him down either. He had been with the glory since he was a child, and it was the best honor for the Zhan Family.

A few years ago, Jacob lived in the Tourmaline Manor, where he would play chess, drink tea and chat with the old man at any time.

However, since Jason suffered a psychological problem, Jacob had to give up his feelings for his grandfather and moved outside to live alone.

Jacob’s parents moved out together because they loved their grandchildren, and only returned to Tourmaline Manor on weekends and important holidays.

The old lady has always been brooding about this matter.

It’s just that this is the sadness in their hearts. After a few years, no one was willing to mention the old things again, for fear of causing the other party to feel sad.

The old lady is inevitably sentimental, “Jacob, how is Jas’s illness?”

Jacob said, “Since Grace appeared, the child has become livelier.”

The old man’s eyes overflowed with a wise and secluded light, “Oh?”

Derek’s performance just appeared in his mind, and the old man’s impression of Grace changed a little.

“This Grace, she was able to teach Derek a smart, transparent and kind-hearted child. How do I feel that she is different from the rumored one?”

Jacob remembered Grace’s deciphering of her secret key, and had to admit, “There is indeed something different.”

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