Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 125

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Chapter 125

The old lady looked at the handsome face of Jacob, and when he mentioned Grace, even though Jacob had some doubts and interest in the mystery of her, his indifferent expression revealed his deep feelings for Grace. Resist.

“Hey!” The old lady sighed suddenly. The tone became inexplicably sad, “In your heart, you can never forget her, right?”

A faint, but lingering shadow suddenly appeared on Jacob’s calm face.

After a long time, he nodded invisibly. His voice was dull and painful, “I have regrets for her. The joke in my childhood, she took it seriously. And I did not respond to her pursuit… If I knew she would end her life in that way, I will tell her early, I said that marrying her is the most sincere promise I have ever made.”

The old lady nodded, “I believe you, you like Ling Ling from the bottom of your heart. She is a good girl. I used to think that only the amazing and gorgeous she can be worthy of you. But good fortune!”

Speaking of Irene, Jacob’s peach blossom eyes were gradually stained with faint smiles.

In this world, if there is a woman who is gentle and warm, passionate and amorous, subtle and unrestrained, gentle and naughty, and naughty, she can make him laugh involuntarily and make him live involuntarily. Sullen, then this person must be Irene.

But such a beautiful Irene had a car accident on the highway from Yancheng to the imperial capital. After he died, holding her photo tightly in his hand, some people speculated that he was killed in love.

Jacob’s warm eyes suddenly tightened, and a blazing flame blazed in the bottom of his eyes, as if he was about to swallow him before he was willing.

The old lady suddenly interrupted his thoughts. “Jacob, the deceased is dead. You can’t live forever in the grief of losing her. You have to come out. Even for Jason and Derek, you should force yourself to forget her.”

Jue Zhan Han nodded faintly, “I will, grandpa.” He said perfunctorily.

The old man suddenly remembered something and frowned, “I heard your father say that you are going to marry Miss Nanning from the Bai family?”

Jacob also seemed to hesitate, saying, “Ms. Bai and I have known each other since childhood. I thought that if we couldn’t be with the woman we like, we would find someone who knows each other to start a family. This way we can fight Jason’s autism. Maybe it helps. But…Jason seems to resist her, so I can’t make up my mind about this matter.”

The old lady looked at Jacob, thinking that since he was young to help him manage the company, no matter how difficult the problem he encountered, he would not frown. But somersault in front of her son.

The old lady suddenly stood up, with both hands on the long table, leaned forward and approached Jacob, saying meaningfully, “Since your original intention of marrying is only for your son, why not get back with Grace?”

Jacob’s long eyelashes trembled lightly, like a dragonfly, leaving few invisible ripples.

“Grandpa, she has remarried.” His thin and charming lips lightly opened, and there was no warmth in his voice.

“Oh?” The old lady frowned, a touch of loss across her face.

“Then what about my good grandson?” The old lady was a little depressed.

After thinking for a while, the emptied pupils of the old man opened suddenly, and said, “Although I am old, but the treasure is not old, since I can raise an excellent elite like you, I will definitely be able to make persistent efforts and cultivate even more outstanding people for the war family. Excellent next generation.”

Jacob said, “Grandpa, I will take care of my children by myself!” His tone was firm!

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