Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 126

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Chapter 126

“Do you have time?”

Jacob was silent.

Janice brought Jason and Derek back to Xiangding Garden in the Tourmaline Manor…that was the home of Jacob in the Tourmaline Manor.

Although the courtyard is not as lively as it used to be, most of the servants are cut out, but it still retains the luxurious configuration: six nanny, two chefs, responsible for the development of Chinese and Western dishes. Like landscape architects, sanitation engineers share with other courtyards.

As soon as Jason and Derek returned home, the servants opened the door wide and stood in line, humbly shouting the rehearsed welcome ceremony to the two young masters: welcome young master, welcome second young master home. “

Janice walked back all the way with Jason in her arms, already tired enough, and furiously said to Jason, “Jas, can you come down?”

Jason was somewhat resisted, and Derek took the initiative to stretch out his hand, “Jason, if you are afraid, take my hand, I will protect you!”

Jason slid off Janice and interlocked with Derek’s fingers. The two children ran upstairs hand in hand…

Jason quickly took Derek to his castle, and then hurriedly tied the door tightly. Derek looked at the abnormal Jason, and asked him softly, “Jason, are you afraid?”

Jason took Derek’s hand into the closet. It seemed that only this could relieve his anxiety. He hid in the closet and said to Derek, “There are monsters here, Derek, you must be careful not to be seen by them. It will eat people.”

Derek looked at Jason’s pale and bloodless face, and involuntarily clenched Jason’s hand tightly, and kept calming down, “Don’t be afraid of Jason, I’ll tell you, I learned martial arts, I won a championship. I can protect you.”

“Really?” Jason’s panic was driven away by Derek’s arrogant sense of invincibility. He slid open the closet door and pulled Derek out. Excitedly asked, “Can you teach me?”

“Of course I can can.” Derek responded readily.

When Jacob came back, he heard crackling noises from upstairs. The servants were all crowded outside the door. They patted the door anxiously and shouted, “Two young masters, quickly open the door.”

Janice collapsed on the sofa downstairs, squeezing his arms and wrists, and wailed, “Jason, this little ancestor, 80% of which is incompatible with the feng shui here. When he comes back here, he looks like a little sister, so exhausted. Me.”

“What’s the matter?” Jacob asked with a cold face.

Janice raised her shoulders with difficulty, and said with anger, “As soon as the two little ancestors came back, they ran to Jason’s castle. It seems that there is a fight. Brother, the sound is very hard, you go quickly check it out!”

Jacob said solemnly, “Why are you auntie? Don’t you know how to persuade?”

“My arms are almost gone. My legs are as soft as mud. How can you persuade me?”

Jacob expected Ding Janice to come back with Jason all the way back. The tourmaline is so big, it is not a short walk from the meeting hall to Xiangding Garden. Janice is also a delicate young lady who can hold on to Jason. Come back because she loves her nephew so much.

Jacob was moved by Janice’s dedication, but he still hurt her with a vicious tongue, “Really useless!”

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