Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 101

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Chapter 101


Hearing the confident words of Western Medicine Mike, all the Bai family members breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, Mike just defeated the old man.

In their eyes, Mike’s medical skills must be much better than Gao, and what he said is more convincing.

After saying this, Western Medicine Mike said to everyone:

“You help me turn Mr. Bai sideway, I want to check his back!”

“it is good!”

Many senior Bai family did not dare to neglect, and immediately stepped forward, trying to help the old man stand up.

But at this moment.

A voice rang out:

“Can’t turn sideways! Otherwise, he will die!”


After everyone’s movements, everyone looked towards where the sound came from, especially after they discovered that the speaker turned out to be Shaun.

“Shaun, what are you doing? Why can’t you turn sideways?” Uncle Haibai’s face sank, and he asked angrily.

Heard this.

Shaun frowned, looking at Western Medicine Mike’s gaze, a hint of contempt appeared:

“Mr. Bai did not get a cerebral infarction at all, nor a varicose vein, but a Qilinhusde disease!”

“With this symptom, the patient’s blood will be concentrated in the brain and form a blockage. Once you turn him sideways, it will immediately fall into brain and he will die!”


Shaun’s words stunned everyone.

Especially looking at what he said seriously, everyone even suspected that he was a doctor.


Western doctor Mike suddenly scolded in dissatisfaction. He looked at Shaun contemptuously, as if he was looking at an idiot:

“What bullsh!t Qilinhorsted’s disease, I have never heard of it, what are you!”

It’s not only Western medicine Mike.

The Bai family will not take Shaun’s words to heart:

“Cut! Shaun, do you know it! Are you an idiot in front of Mr. Mike?”

“That’s right, come on, turn Mr. Bai sideways! Don’t listen to this idiot, Qilinhuo Si De? It’s such a sham!”


At this moment, many Bai family members completely regarded Shaun’s words as a joke.

They helped the old man to turn sideways.

And seeing this scene, Gao Lao’s complexion turned pale.

Only he had guessed the identity of Shaun.

If Shaun is really the Bone Sacred Hand, then his words…

Thought of this.

Elder Gao couldn’t help turning his eyes to look at Mrs. Bai, who was turning sideways, and his heart instantly grabbed.

However, even though Mr. Bai turned sideways at this moment, his complexion remained the same without any change.

Especially the electrocardiogram is still stable and strong, and there is no sign of weakness.

“Hahaha…Shaun, you slapped your face, and you said that his brain will die instantly? You see, Mr. Bai is fine!”

“Yeah, you can really pretend, if it wasn’t for Dr. Mike, we would almost be fooled by you!”

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