Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 102

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Chapter 102

Uncle Haibai and others looked at Shaun’s gaze, full of thick sarcasm.

Gao Lao couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Could it be that he’s not the Bone Saint?”

Old Gao frowned, and at this moment he couldn’t help but start to question Shaun’s identity.

However, his thoughts just came up!


An alarm came, causing the ridicule and sarcasm of the ward door to abruptly cease.

Everyone looked at the electrocardiogram.

In the sight of everyone, the electrocardiogram turned out to be a line…


This scene made everyone feel thunderous.

Cardiac arrest!


Everyone could hardly believe their eyes.

Even the two experts, Gao Lao and Western Medicine Mike, almost fell out of their eyes.



Uncle Haibai, San Ye Bai Shan and others all uttered a scream, and rushed to the hospital bed one by one.

And Western Medicine Mike also quickly yelled:

“Electric shock pacemaker! Quick!”

And Shaun’s complexion sank:


After saying this, Shaun’s figure flashed, and suddenly passed the crowd and came to the hospital bed.

Then he raised his palm high and slapped it down at the Fengchi acupoint on the head of Mr. Bai!


The slap in the face was very loud, and it made the whole ward silent as death.

This slap in the ear was extremely loud, and instantly stunned everyone in the entire ward.

Everyone could hardly believe their eyes.

Mr. Bsi not only had a cardiac arrest.

And now, Shaun was even more…slapped?


After reacting, the whole ward was instantly fried.

Uncle Haibai, Harper and the others, almost burst their lungs with anger, and screamed at Shaun with splitting eyes:

“Asshole! Shaun, what are you doing, you…you dare to beat the old man, God, I’m fighting with you!”

“Crazy man, why did you beat Mr. Bai? He has stopped breathing now. Get out of here!”


Noisy shouts of curses resounded in the ward.

The crowd rushed forward and pushed Shaun away from the Mr. Bai’s sickbed, all hands and feet, trying to investigate Mr. Bai’s condition.

And the Elvira family were all stunned.

They obviously didn’t expect that Shaun would beat the Mr. Bai, especially when the he had a cardiac arrest.

“Shaun, you… how can you do such a thing! Do you know that grandpa is no longer able to do something?” Elvira was flushed with anger and looked at Shaun’s eyes are full of disappointment.

Baishan and Paula also looked gloomy.

Especially when they saw that Haibai and others were going to beat Shaun, they quickly pushed Shaun out of the door:

“Shaun, go and wait for us in the car! Don’t be here!”

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