Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 127

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Chapter 127

Jacob came to the magic castle of Jason, the servants saw Shao Zhan, and all of them drooped their heads and did not dare to take a mouthful, as if he was a violent tyrant. If he was careless, he would give them all. It seems to be eaten.

The servants are so jealous of fighting against Jacob for a reason. Jacob’s temper is like a button on the young master’s body. Normally, he is at most a walking iceberg. If the young master is short and short, the iceberg burst into a huge stream of fire instantly.

The two young masters in the castle fought hard, and the sound of the porcelain glass cracking came from the floor. If the young masters have a shortcoming, then the fighting must be a collision between ice and fire, and the servants’ end of the world is also coming.

With a handsome face, Jacob raised his hand and knocked on the door. He heard a shaking sound of the mountain inside, and then Jason’s panicked scream, “Ah…”

Jacob’s nervousness escalated, flapping the door panel and shouting, “Derek, Jas, open the door.”

Soon, Derek and Jason opened the door.

Jacob squatted down, carefully inspected the bodies of the two children, and only after confirming that they were safe, his eyes moved to the castle. After seeing the mess inside, Jacob was dumbfounded.

“Tell daddy, what are you doing?” Jacob asked.

Jason suddenly opened his arms and just circled Jacob’s neck. His body was trembling in Jacob’s arms. Jacob knew that Jason would be nervous when he returned home. He didn’t criticize him, but hugged him gently.

Derek has never played so crazy like today, that he lost control and broke many precious porcelains. After the excitement passed, Derek was very self-blaming. At this moment, standing in front of Jacob with a low eyebrow, his eyes were full of guilt and self-blame.

Derek heard the servant on the side whispering, “The castle is destroyed. It will cost hundreds of millions to rebuild the castle?”

When Derek heard these words, he was shocked.

“Did you fight?” Jacob asked coldly.

In the eyes of others, the shopping mall Shura and Jacob are not afraid of being afraid, and will always be the king who manipulates others from the top. However, in fact, he was afraid of one thing, and that was bloodline discord.

In front of outsiders, the Zhan Family brothers worked hard to create a beautiful scenery that seemed to live in harmony. However, in private, they fought openly and secretly for the benefit. The houses suppressed each other, even at the expense of money and death. In the tourmaline manor of the Zhan Family, how many things happened? Known scandals and tragic events.

Jacob is most afraid of his children repeating their sorrow.

When Derek saw Daddy’s suddenly cold eyes, Derek, who was originally panicked because he had done something wrong, was terrified at this moment. He was afraid that Daddy would not like him because he had damaged too many precious porcelains, thinking that he was a naughty child.

However, Derek’s silence and Jason’s panic seemed to Jacob to acquiesce in his speculation, and his voice became cold, “Who moved the hand first?”

No one spoke.

“Derek, is that you?” Jacob said angrily.

It is not for him to blame Derek, because Jason has no precedent for active attacks, especially after returning to tourmaline, Jason is as fragile and helpless as a little lamb.

Derek stared at his moist eyes and shook his head.

Jacob looked at the porcelain pieces in the room, as well as the Jade Guanyin who had invited Jason to exorcise evil, and the Buddha objects that were consecrated, all lying on the ground.

These things are very precious.

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