Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

Jacob was determined that Derek was lying.

“Derek, the child who lied is much behaved.” Jacob said.

Derek blinked at the innocent aggrieved pupil, and did not defend himself. Because he did something wrong.

He just wanted to teach Jason to practice martial arts, but he didn’t expect to accidentally kick the ball onto the Bogu frame. As a result, the Bogu frame collapsed and the terrible butterfly effect occurred. One piece fell on top of the other, and the result was caused. Now this situation.

Almost all the things that could fall inside were destroyed.

Derek accidentally broke a vase in the school before, but Mommy did three months of sanitation for the school to settle the matter. Today, Derek broke so many valuable vases. If Daddy wants Mommy to pay compensation, what can Mommy do?

Derek was shocked and at a loss.

Jacob said angrily, “Derek, fine you to pick up these pieces.”

Derek didn’t hesitate at all, he found the broom and dustpan, and began to clean it seriously.

From the beginning to the end, Jason’s eyes stared at the elephant’s eye in the castle. It was a window that imitated the construction of an elephant. In the middle of the window was an elephant’s eye. At this moment, that eye was blinking.

Jason was so scared that he buried his head in Jacob’s arms.

The servant was dismissed by Jacob, and Jacob went downstairs. Only Derek was left in the castle.

After Janice learned that her brother had punished Derek, she roared angrily, “Brother, he is just a child? You finally get to know each other, so you will punish him with a passion. Will you cool the child’s heart for me?”

Why doesn’t Jacob feel sorry for Derek? It is not so much to punish Derek as to punish himself. He was sitting on the sofa, his eyes staring upstairs.

Janice saw that her brother’s brows were faintly anxious, and she sighed, “Are you punishing him or yourself?”

In order to expel his anxiety, Jacob took out a bottle of brandy from the wine cabinet and poured a glass. Janice snatched his wine bottle and shouted, “Brother, that’s enough. After Sister Irene died, you were allergic to alcohol. Did you forget?”

A pain flashed in Jacob’s dead water Wulan’s eyes, and he suddenly grabbed Janice’s wine bottle and poured it down from his head.

Janice was heartbroken, “Brother, don’t do this! Since you are reluctant to punish Derek, then you can help him!”

Jacob glanced at the trembling Jason curled up on the sofa, his eyes became firm again, “If I don’t punish him, he won’t have a long memory. What if he bullies Jas again in the future?”

“It’s normal for children to fight…”

Suddenly, Jason heard his father mention his name, as if he was struck in his forehead by an electric current. He pointed to the location of the castle and tremblingly said, “Derek, come out! Come out!”

Jacob’s voice was small, but it resounded abruptly. In the gap between Jacob and Janice suddenly calmed down, Jacob stared, his complexion changed suddenly, and he rushed upstairs as he went crazy. .


Inside the castle, Derek’s small body looked thin and stubborn, and his tears were falling down. When he came to the window, he suddenly found that the elephant’s eyes were turning, and then a low air current sounded. “Little friend, you are a child abandoned by Daddy…It’s so pathetic!”

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