Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

In his hand, he even held a machete.

“This person is… the bereaved dog of Beicheng!”

Elvira’s face became paler when she saw this man.

Lost dog!

This is a fierce bully in Beicheng, with twenty or thirty younger brothers under him. He is extremely vicious, and even claimed a few lives in Beicheng.

Especially the person who lost the dog, he was rumored to be very sturdy and dangerous. He drove down a street by himself and injured more than ten people.

He is notorious.

The Elvira family never thought that these bullies had found them.

“Shaun, what should we do? How about we call the police?”

A cold sweat appeared on Elvira’s forehead.

Just heard this.

Shaun smiled slightly:

“My wife, don’t worry, it’s okay! I’ll go out and talk to them, I think these people will be very reasonable!”




Hearing this, Elvira felt that Shaun is crazy.

This didn’t stop there, especially when they saw that Shaun opened the door of the car without saying anything, and walked on, his expression changed drastically.

“Shaun, don’t go out!”

The three wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

They can only bite the bullet and get out of the car after Shaun.

It’s just that the four people just got out of the car.


The twenty-odd sturdy men came up in a turbulent manner.


When Shaun’s family saw that they also got out of the car.

Seeing the surrounding black pressure, more than 20 big men rushed up.

These people, each with a baseball bat, and their ferocious aura, made the scalp numb.

In particular, the brawny man with tattoos named the head is holding a machete upside down in his hand, with blood dripping from it, seeming to have just cut someone:

“Boy, are you Shaun?”

The mourning dog’s eyes stared at Shaun, as if looking at a prey.

See this scene.

Elvira’s face was pale, her beautiful eyes flashed with fear.

However, she still wanted to step forward and help Shaun speak.

Only at this moment, Shaun grabbed her, then stared at the dog with a smile, and said playfully:

“Yes, I am!”

“I wonder what you guys want?”

Shaun’s words were leisurely and calm.

Especially, as if possessing a kind of magical power, the Elvira’s family who were frightened next to him calmed down somehow.


Sanggou raised his eyebrows, and he obviously didn’t expect that this kid would be so calm and calm in the face of his menacing twenty-odd people.

But a pity, this guy will be scared to pee his pants in a while.

“It’s nothing!”

Sanggou smiled slightly, and in this smile, there was a cruel and cruel expression:

“Someone wants us to kill you!”

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