Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 129

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Chapter 129

Derek’s small body trembled slightly. At this time, Jacob suddenly pushed open the door of the castle, and saw Derek’s face pale, looking at him tremblingly.

“Derek!” Seeing Derek’s bewildered appearance, Jacob sank suddenly, and rushed forward to hold Derek in his arms.

The mysterious voice, the scary elephant eye, disappeared silently.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I won’t dare anymore.” Derek Liuli Tongzi shone with crystal clear tears, humblely begging for mercy.

Jacob held the child tightly and gently slapped Derek on the back. At this moment, he blamed himself guilt, “its Daddy that is not good, Daddy shouldn’t be punished like this, after all, you are still so young.”

Jacob looked at the clean room, with a pile of porcelain shards in the corner. He hated himself inexplicably.

Why does he impose the scar in his heart, the fragility he least wants to face on innocent children?

“Derek, Daddy just wants you and your brother to fall in love with each other. He doesn’t want you to fight, quarrel, or disagree with each other. Do you know?” At that moment, Jacob did not seem to be a high-ranking king at all.

Derek came out of his arms and blinked at his daddy with a puzzled black pupil, “Daddy, I didn’t fight with Jason. Nor did we quarrel. We just hopped around in the castle, and accidentally broke it. I have lost so much porcelain. I’m sorry.” His voice became lower and lower.

There was a trace of astonishment across the handsome face of Jacob, “No fight?”

He was extremely surprised. If Derek really didn’t bully against Jason, why did Jason suddenly behave so abnormally?

Derek saw the confusion in his daddy’s eyes, and he sighed secretly. Daddy didn’t seem to believe him?

The weak and low electric current was powerfully loaded into my mind, “Children. You are the child abandoned by Daddy!”

It seems that Daddy really doesn’t like him.

Jacob Eagle Falcon’s gaze swept sharply across every corner of the castle and found no abnormalities, Jacob went downstairs holding Derek.

When Janice saw that the father and son had finally come down, Derek’s face was pale, and Janice felt distressed.

“Derek, are you okay?”

Derek shook his head blankly.

Seeing Derek’s dull eyes, Janice said bitterly, “Brother, what’s wrong with Derek? Don’t this kid be scared of Jason?”

These words made Jacob’s heart sound like a heavy drum, his eyes locked on Derek’s tear-stained face, and seeing him look dull, he was completely out of the usual liveliness. Suddenly let Jacob’s back scared a fine cold sweat.

“Derek!” He called him softly.

Derek’s dull eyes fixedly looked at him, but he didn’t have any words.

Jacob only felt that all his hairs were upside down. If Derek had become like Jacobe because of him, he would never forgive himself.

“Derek, Daddy is wrong. Daddy doesn’t punish you anymore. You smile, okay?” The once majestic Lion King seemed to have lost his backbone at this moment, and his pride was gone.

Derek squeezed a bitter smile, which was uglier than crying.

Jason suddenly jumped off the sofa, ran to Derek, and took Derek’s hand, as if to give him brave strength.

Jacob stroked Jason’s head, and was surprised to find that Jason’s panic seemed to abate. “Jas, tell daddy, what were you and brother doing in the castle just now?”

He is a little headstrong and stubborn, always trying to find the source of the horror of the war. But he didn’t know that the children were sensitive (sense), and Derek felt that Daddy didn’t believe in him because Daddy didn’t love him enough.

Daddy loves war even more.

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