Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

Jason’s little nose was wrinkled, and his mouth was pouting. Whenever he didn’t know how to answer, he would have this cute action.

“Play.” After a while, Jason squeezed a word.

Jacob closed his eyes annoyed, he really misunderstood Derek!

Probably because of guilt, he involuntarily hugged Derek tighter.

“I want to go home.” Derek suddenly sobbed. Children who have been wronged will naturally want to go to a warmer and more reliable harbor.

“Derek, this is your home.” Jacob tried hard to make up for his mistakes, trying to influence the child with his tenderness.

“I miss Mommy.” Derek’s tears are like broken bead curtains, and anyone will be moved when they see it.

Jacob is at a loss, at a loss.

Janice came over and stretched out her hand, “Derek, go to your aunt to sleep tonight.”

Derek pounced on Janice almost without thinking. Jacob paused, standing there with gloomy eyes.

After Janice left with Derek, Jacob and Jason became dependent on each other. Jason held Daddy’s hand and raised a pair of pupils that were as bright as stars and looked at Jacob.

Daddy is in a bad mood, and anyone with a discerning eye can tell.

“Jason, tell daddy, why did you tremble after you went to the castle today?” Jacob sat on the sofa and hugged Jason on his knees.

Jason’s eyes immediately overflowed with a panic expression, and Jacob condensed his eyebrows. Apart from Que Derek, there are no other living creatures in the castle. What is Jason afraid of?

“Jas afraid of Derek?” Jacob guided him.

Jason shook his head desperately.

Jacob was extremely puzzled, it seemed that he really was thinking too much. It’s not Derek’s problem.

Thinking that he had wronged Derek, Jacob got a headache. You have to find a time to have a good talk with Derek. He has to enlighten Derek so that Derek can’t be wronged.

That night, the old lady sent someone over to pass the banquet, and Jacob refused the invitation. One reason is that he himself is not in the mood to eat, and the other is that Derek and Jason seem to be very depressed.

As night fell, there was a pattern of rain in the sky.

After Jacob put Jason to sleep, he went to Janice’s boudoir. The servant told him, “Miss and Young Master have rested early in the morning.”

Jacob returned in disappointment.

How could Derek sleep that night?

He himself thought that he had caused a terrible disaster and broke the rare porcelain worth hundreds of millions, and he was shocked. Coupled with Daddy’s ruthless punishment of him, Derek decided that Daddy didn’t love him enough. Cautious thinking was hit and couldn’t sleep at all.

It’s just pretending to sleep to fool others.

After everyone fell asleep, Derek got out of bed lightly and sneaked out of Xiangdingyuan while everyone was asleep.

In the early morning of the next day, Janice got up and found that Derek had disappeared, so she panicked. Call Jacob quickly, “Brother, Derek is gone.”

Jacob’s internal organs exploded by the news seemed to explode.

Suddenly he hammered his fist against the glass door, his fist gurgled with blood, but he could not feel the pain at all, “Damn it!”

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