Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

Jacob called up the surveillance in the tourmaline manor, only to discover that Derek had sneaked out of the manor on the rainy night last night. It was expected that Derek was going back to Boiling City to find Mommy. Jacob hurriedly called Grace, but after the call was connected, no one answered.

Without Derek’s information, Jacob was uneasy in every way, and he hurried to Shizhong District with Janice and son Jason who also missed Derek.

The patter of rain fell all night, washing away the lead of the world, and the scenery everywhere became vivid and beautiful.

In the early morning, Grace frowned in astonishment when she heard the violent flapping sound from the security door. When she walked to the door and opened the door, Grace was stunned when she saw the embarrassed Derek, standing in front of her covered in mud.

“Derek, what happened?”

Derek kept his eyes and sniffed, trying to convince her not to cry and not to worry Grace, but when he saw Mommy, all his tolerance collapsed, he threw himself into Mommy’s arms and started crying.

“Mummy, Daddy doesn’t love me anymore.” Derek cried out heartbroken.

Grace was shocked.

If Jacob didn’t love Derek, how could he deliberately compete with her for custody of Derek?

“Derek, tell Mommy, what happened?” Grace raised his hand and gently wiped the tears for Derek, wiped the silt off his face, her heart was violent, and the child was always hurt. It was sunny and lively. After following Daddy for two days, the child came back to Mummy in such a sad and embarrassing manner. This must be something very unpleasant.

Derek hugged Mommy’s neck tightly and sobbed, “Mommy, I’m sorry, I got into trouble. I broke the porcelain in the Warsong Castle. Daddy seemed very angry. He punished me for cleaning the room and Did not say forgive me.”

Grace listened carefully to the child’s statement, and she tried her best to stay calm so that she could objectively and fairly judge the contradictions between father and son.

She could clearly feel that Derek was quite frightened. The broken porcelain must be worth a fortune, but if the 100 billion president Jacob is so small that he can care about the gains and losses with a five-year-old child, his aura is too great. Narrow-minded, it is impossible for him to establish the current Asia Empire.

Grace faintly felt that the real reason for Jacob’s anger was probably not because of the value of the porcelain itself. But those things are all. Between Derek and Jason, if his emotions were partial, judging from his paranoid character, it was really possible to do something to hurt Derek for the sake of Jason.

After all, Jason was brought up by him, and Derek was brought up by her.

Thinking of this, Grace’s eye sockets became wet. She hugged Derek tightly into her arms, stroked his head lightly, saying something against her will, “Derek, daddy, he must love you, otherwise he won’t bother Mommy is fighting for your custody.”

Derek muttered sadly, “Mummy, you help me tell daddy that I will earn money to pay back the broken porcelain when I grow up.”

Grace nodded, “Well, our family Derek is a responsible man.”

Grace put hot water for Derek and let him take a good bath. Derek was probably too tired to fall asleep in the bathtub.

When Jacob arrived at Boiling City, Grace was taking care of Derek to sleep. After tucking the quilt for him, she sat aside and stared at Derek blankly.

She vowed secretly that she would never transfer Derek’s custody to Jacob.

When Jacob knocked on the door, Faith opened the door for him. Faith stared at him very angrily, hands on hips, and the little adult said violently, “We don’t welcome you. You bully Mommy and brother. You are a badass.”

The words were like needles stuck in the heart of Jacob, and Jacob was speechless.

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