Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 132

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Chapter 132

Faith reached out to close the door, trying to shut Jacob outside, when Grace walked out.

“Let him in.”

Faith listened to Mommy’s words, and then reluctantly let go of her hand and returned to her play corner.

“Where is Derek?” After Jacob entered, the first sentence was to ask Derek.

Grace handed him a glass of juice and motioned him to sit down. Jacob sat on the sofa.

Grace walked to Faith and coaxed Faith, “Faith, Mommy and Uncle have something to talk about. You go in the bedroom and play, okay?”

Holding her jigsaw puzzle, Faith nodded obediently, “Okay, Mommy.” Then she ran into the bedroom.

Jacob frowned slightly, this boy was like a demon boy in front of him, lawless. In front of Grace, he was cute and cute. It made him unexpected.

Grace walked to the sofa area and sat on the couch beside the sofa. The face that was originally amiable was cold and frosty at the moment, staring at Jacob angrily.

“If Lord Zhan doesn’t like my family’s Derek, you don’t have to force yourself for that shallow bloodline.”

The blue veins on Jacob’s forehead were violent, and he always stood high and was looked up. Women like Grace who anger him are really rare. The aura of Jacob’s king is not fully dispersed all the time, and his stern face is full of anger at this moment, “Grace, last night was just an accident.”

Grace was eager to love her son, and to protect Derek’s heart even made her question out of control, “Master of war, a person’s life cannot withstand several accidents.”

Just like her, because of an accident, the fragrance disappeared.

Jacob said with a cold face, “I will explain to the child what happened yesterday.”

Grace said, “No need. Derek doesn’t want to see you anymore.” Grace paused, seeming to hesitate for a moment, and finally spread the word for Derek, “He asked me to tell you, when he grows up, He will compensate for the loss of the castle.”

Jacob stiffened all over…

Derek even asked Grace to relay his apology on his behalf. His meaning couldn’t be more obvious, and he would never see him again.

Jacob’s face finally showed a strong sense of frustration, rubbing his forehead with a headache. “I punish Derek, not because he ruined the porcelain in the castle.”

Grace nodded lightly, “You are a billionaire boss, not to mention the castle of the war, even if the tourmaline manor was demolished by Derek, you will not feel sorry for the money.”

Jacob raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at Grace. Unexpectedly, she knew him so much?

“So the reason you punish Derek is because he damaged the castle of the war, right?” Grace’s voice was very soft, but it contained invincible destruction and destruction power.

Jacob clenched her fists for an instant. This woman thought he was partial to war, so he punished Derek? Jacob snorted and sneered, “Grace. Jason and Derek are my sons, I will treat them fairly and justly!”

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