Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

Grace was shocked. Jacob punishes Derek, neither because the invaluable porcelain was destroyed, nor because the castle was the property of the war. Grace racked her brains and couldn’t think of the third reason.

“Why did you punish Derek? He is so young, and you let him clean up the fragments. Are you not afraid of those sharp fragments stabbing his fingers? Master, don’t blame Derek for misunderstanding you, even me as an adult, I can’t understand your intention to punish Derek.” Grace said angrily.

Jacob’s handsome eyebrows were frowned, and a bloodthirsty light suddenly appeared under his eyes.

Grace looked at the man who had suddenly become a little horrible, and a bad premonition developed in his heart.

“I have my reasons. In short, everything that happened last night was not my intention. I love Derek, just like Jason. Grace, if you force me to give up Derek by what happened last night, I will not agree. If you dare to use the things of last night to divorce the relationship between our father and son in front of Derek, I will not let you go.” Zhan Han stood up sharply.

Grace couldn’t help but laugh at herself. In this guy’s heart, her image is just this kind of villain who provokes dissension?

“Master Zhan, it turns out that you don’t know how to bring children at all. The injury that Derek suffered last night is the most hurt in history. Let go, I don’t want Jason to get better, but Derek has turned into Jason again. That way.”

Jacob looked at Grace, Xie Mei’s eyes contained an incomprehensible anger, “Nothing like this will happen in the future.” He said loudly.

Grace closed her eyes, tears streaming from the corners of her eyes, “Why are you so persistent?”

“Grace, let me say it again, the blood of our war family will never let him fall outside.” Jacob declared forcefully.

Grace shouted out of control, “But Derek is not happy.”

Jacob’s eyes burst into a stubborn, unyielding cold light, and said indignantly, “He is still young and doesn’t understand the importance of his growth environment. Grace, we are adults, so we use the way of adults to help children choose their future. .”

As soon as the voice fell, I heard the sound of the door bolt locking in Derek’s room.

Grace held her head in despair, Derek resisted Jacob so strongly. If Jacob insisted on taking Derek back to the Zhan family, she was really worried that the child would be forced out of a shortcoming.

Grace suddenly walked to the door, opened the anti-theft door, and unceremoniously issued an eviction order against Jacob, “Master Zhan, you go, I do not welcome you here.”

Jacob glanced at Derek’s room, nostalgia overflowed in his eyes.

No matter how unwilling she was, Rao Shi had to leave at this moment.

Grace slammed the security door shut. Jacob’s tall and straight body became stiff.

At that moment, his heart was upset.

Hearing the sound of Daddy leaving, the two children immediately opened the door and ran out. Derek and Faith’s gazes swept toward the closed security door, and expressions of disappointment and regret appeared on their faces.

It is probably a natural nature for children to like fathers. Grace knew that this kind of affection was difficult to give up, even if Jacob was not a qualified father.

Derek walked slowly to Mommy’s side, Grace took Derek’s hand, and said to Derek rationally and emotionally, “Derek, yesterday you broke the porcelain, whether you are interested still unintentionally, your behavior caused a certain loss, then you are wrong.”

Derek was apathetic, and said in a small voice, “Mummy, I know I was wrong.”

Grace squeezed Derek’s embarrassed face, and said softly, “If you make a mistake, you will be punished. Daddy will punish you. I just hope you can remember this lesson and you won’t make the same mistake next time. This is the same as loving you or not. They cannot be equated.

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