Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 134

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Chapter 134

It’s as if a student did something wrong in school, no matter who it was, he would be punished by the teacher. Small penalties for small mistakes, big penalties for big mistakes. And this is just a way to educate children. You can’t say that the teacher punished the student, he didn’t like the student anymore. Right? “

Derek seemed to have some understanding, and the chicken nodded as if pecking at the rice. Then the depressed little face burst into radiance in an instant, “Mommy, you mean Daddy still loves me, loves me like Jason, right?”

Grace saw Derek finally burst into a sunny smile, and the stone fell in her heart, saying, “Mother’s love is boundless, father’s love is like a mountain. Derek, Mommy’s love is gentle and kind, but it can easily make you lose your way. Daddy’s love Severe and deep, but it can make you lose your way. Both of these two kinds of love are indispensable for you.”

Derek’s voice became cheerful, “Mummy, will Daddy really accept my apology? Will he promise to let me repay his money when I grow up?”

Grace patted Derek’s head, “Stupid boy. In your father’s heart, ten castles are not as good as you. How can he make you pay for it?”

“Mummy, didn’t you say that, if you cause loss and harm to others, you must be brave to make up for your mistakes.” Derek.

Grace nodded, “If compensating for Jason can make you feel better, then you can work hard towards your goal, okay?”

Derek nodded happily, “Okay.”

Outside the door, Jacob straightened up and walked slowly towards the end of the corridor, dragging his feet slowly.

What Grace taught Derek, every single word, was repeated in his mind.

Her gentle, healing voice, and the teaching of rational thinking reflected her open mind and selfless pattern.

He suddenly felt that he should look at her from another angle.

Perhaps, he wears colored glasses to look at her for too long, blinding his eyes and blinding his heart.

When Jacob returned to Haitian, Janice looked at the Jacob who came back alone, very surprised, “Where is Derek?”

She thought that the older brother would not be able to protect Derek with her sister-in-law’s gentleness.

What made Janice even more surprised was that the eldest brother didn’t bring back Derek, his face didn’t look bad.

“Derek is in Boiling City.” Jacob said lightly.

Janice asked cautiously, “Brother, did Sister-in-law embarrass you?”

Jacob raised his eyes to examine Janice, “You seem to know her well?”

He admitted that he hadn’t taken care of Derek well, but Grace was angry at him today and ordered him to chase away his guests, which made him lose face. Only she dare to treat him like this.

Think about it all is angry.

Janice smiled wryly, “Didn’t Sister-in-law always pinch you to death?”

Jacob gave Janice a cold look, and Janice hurriedly covered her mouth.

But she heard Jacob’s cold voice, “Just rely on her?”

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