Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

A sudden rain seemed to take away the boring heat of summer in an instant, and the coolness of early autumn just hit the luxurious and warm villa. Jacob stood quietly in front of the window, looking up at the clear blue sky after rain.

Heart is an unprecedented tranquility.

Grandpa’s earnest words rang in his ears, “Since he can’t choose the woman he likes to marry in this life, and since he has chosen to live for his children in this life, then he would like to ask who in this world is more suitable to be a warrior than Grace. Where’s Derek’s mom?”

Jacob took out his cell phone and called Guan Xiao.

“President!” After the call was connected, the officer’s trembling voice came.

Jacob frowned unconsciously, a question he had never thought about before, and at this moment he was entangled in his mind in every way: everyone around him was afraid of him, and secretly gave him such terrible “tyrant” and “Sura”. Nickname, but why did a little girl like Grace make him so angry?

“Guan Xiao, check someone out!” Jacob seemed to hesitate for a long time before he made up his mind.

“President, please say.”

“I want to know the information of Grace’s current husband.”

After Jacob finished speaking, there was a long silence over the microphone.

Guan Xiao was so startled that his eyes were bigger than Tongling. He knew his CEO best. He had always been afraid of Grace to avoid him. How could he take the initiative to investigate her ex-husband’s affairs?

“Yes, President.” Guan Xiao responded.

After hanging up the phone, Jacob felt a little nervous for some reason.

Before long, the crisp ringtone suddenly rang, and Jacob did not hesitate at all, and almost slid the phone screen with the fastest action.

The call was from Derek, and Jacob immediately pressed the Connect button.

It was just the moment he answered the call, he suddenly realized that he didn’t know where to start.

He regrets a little bit, he should answer the phone later, so that he can organize the most suitable language in his mind.

But obviously he was worrying too much.

Derek’s voice came over sweetly, “Daddy!” with the old willful and unrestrained enthusiasm.

Jacob’s stern face burst into a smile.

“Yeah.” He nodded and moved. When he was hesitating whether to seriously reflect on his mistakes to Derek, Derek took the lead in speaking, “Daddy, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t leave without saying goodbye last night. I made you worry about me.” Poor little the voice sounds very religious.

Jacob said, “It’s not your fault. Daddy punished you without asking questions. Daddy will correct it later!”

Derek whispered, “But if I damaged so many precious porcelains, I made a mistake. Mommy said that it was a cowardly behavior that I ran away from home after making a mistake.”


Grace actually used such words?

Jacob was very surprised, and he didn’t notice a slight smile on his eyebrows.

“Then how does Derek want to correct his mistakes?” His tone became extraordinarily gentle, still containing his father’s kindness.

Derek shouted loudly, “I should apologize to Brother Jason.”

Jacob came downstairs and handed his cell phone to Jason. Seeing Derek’s call, Jason suddenly showed a smile on his indifferent expression.

Then Jason held the phone and ran to his room mysteriously. Jacob heard Jason’s voice, “Derek!”

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