Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 136

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Chapter 136

After Jason entered the room, he immediately locked the door.

“Derek, those eyes. Have you remembered?” Jason’s voice was horrified.

Derek thought for a while, “You mean the elephant eyes on the window?”

Jason immediately roared sternly, “Stay away from it.”

Derek answered obediently, “Oh.” He didn’t know why Jason wanted him to stay away from the castle’s eyes. He just thought that he would be happier to answer Jason’s eyes like this.

“Jason, what happened to those eyes?”

“It’s tricky!”

Derek grumbled, “A ghost?” Then, when he remembered that he heard the strange sound in the castle, Derek took it seriously, “Oh, no wonder I heard a strange sound. But what is a ghost, it is terrible didn’t the teacher say that there are no ghosts in this world?”

“Derek, stay away from the castle.”

“Well, I got it.”

Jason became extremely excited. It turned out that the monster was approaching Derek. Suddenly, Jason threw the phone on the glass window and made a huge impact.

The downstairs Jacob heard the movement upstairs, put the blue and white porcelain teacup in his hand heavily on the marble coffee table, and ran upstairs.

When Jacob pushed the door, the door did not move. He had to activate the fingerprint to unlock, open the door, and see Zhan Qi curled up in the corner.

The phone was thrown under the glass window, and Derek’s anxious voice came from the microphone, “War Sui, War Sui, what’s wrong with you? You answer me?”

Jacob hugged Jason and felt that Jason’s body began to tremble again. Jacob’s puzzled eyes fell on the phone. Why did Suu Sui be so frightened after contacting Derek?

Jacob picked up the phone, tried his best to maintain his inner peace, and gently said to Derek, “Derek, Daddy will call you later. Brother is a little unhappy, Daddy will make him comfort first.”


Derek hung up the phone and hurriedly went to find Mommy. “Mummy!”

Grace was sitting in front of the drawing board, drawing intently. On the white paper, he was a teenager wearing a black T-shirt. He sits on the grass, looking up at the blue sky, his jaw line is perfect as a sculpture, his whole body is clean and dust-free, and his whole body reveals the noble and elegant atmosphere.

It’s just that face, but missing a pair of eyes and a pair of eyebrows.

When Derek broke in, Grace was a little flustered, and quickly covered the painting with a white cloth.

“Mommy, can we go to Haitian Villa to see Jason?” Derek’s anxious tone made Grace uneasy.

“What happened to Jason?”

“When he was on the phone with me, he suddenly threw the phone away, and I heard a terrible voice coming from the room.” Derek said as he took Mommy’s hand and pulled it out.

Grace didn’t dare to hesitate, picked up the coat on the sofa and put it on the outside of the home clothes, then picked up Faith and Derek and ran outside in a hurry.

“Derek, tell Mommy, what did you and Jas say?” Along the way, Grace repeatedly asked Derek to verify what happened.

Derek was a little flustered, and every time his expression seemed fragmented, but after a few times, Grace basically pieced together the entire process of what happened.

Grace concluded that Jas might be an illness. It’s just that the reason for this disease made Grace feel very frightened.

When Grace came to Haitian, Jacob held the door opened for them.

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