Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 111

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Chapter 111



The densely packed sound of fractures, one after another, screaming and crashing to the ground.


At this moment, not only the Elvira and her parents were stunned, but even the bereaved dog had forgotten the pain in his hands and feet, and looked at the scene in dismay.

Crushing, this is the crushing of a group of people by one person.

Sanggu was horrified to find that his more than 20 subordinates, could not touch even the corners of Shaun’s clothes.

Instead, more and more people fell to the ground.

Until there was another “click” sound.

Following the calf of the last sturdy man being kicked off by Shaun, all the people lay down on the surrounding road at that moment.

Each of them with broken hands and feet, screaming.

There was only one person standing in the field, and that was Shaun.

He didn’t even pant for a bit of roughness. With a faint smile on that delicate face, he said to the mourning dog:

“Buy one get one free, are you satisfied?”

Are you satisfied?

When this sentence resounded, Sanggou and others only felt like they were struck by thunders of lightening, making them almost scared to pee.

How, how is it possible.

Sanggou looked at the surroundings, his subordinates lying densely on the ground still not believing his eyes.

One person crushed twenty people holding weapons.

Especially for these twenty people, they all got their hands and feet broken.

This is incredible.



Dense sweat ran down from the beanggu’s forehead, his eyelids jumped wildly, looking at Shaun as if looking at a monster.

More than him.

The Elvira family on the side were all stunned.

Shaun…. Shaun, do you know kung fu?

Baishan’s eyes almost fell out. He usually watch kung fu movies, but the scene just now was definitely a kung fu movie, and it was exciting.

And Paula and Elvira next to them couldn’t help but swallowed and spit.

At this moment, Paula remembered that she was ordinary, facing Shaun’s mocking and humiliating scene, and then looked at the scene in front of her, unknowingly, sweat had wetted her back.

Elvira covered her small mouth in astonishment.

Her beautiful eyes looked straight at Shaun.

Do not know why.

In her eyes, Shaun at this moment is not like a waste husband who has been with her for three years, but more like a domineering, bloodthirsty, and authoritarian devil.

That kind of cruelty, that kind of cruelty, is simply unimaginable.

Just now.

Shaun didn’t care about the shock of the people around him. He smiled at the lost dog and said playfully:

“Give you another chance, you can call someone!”

Call someone!


A word to wake up the dreamer.

The lost dog was scared by Shaun before, and he completely forgot. On that Land Rover, there was also his eldest brother who had just been released from prison, and his eldest brother’s bodyguard.

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