Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

Thinking of this, the dog was ecstatic:

“Hahaha…boy, thank you for reminding me! You are over, you beated me, and my subordinates, my eldest brother will definitely kill you!”

The lost dog seemed to have seen a savior, laughing wildly, and then shouted wildly at the Land Rover that had been quiet:

“Brother, come on! We have a hard stubble, help us!”

The mourning dog screamed.

Not just him!

The other sturdy guys also seemed to think of something, and shouted at Land Rover.

And in this shout.


The sound of the door opening came, and then everyone saw that four big men in suits came out of the Land Rover.

These four people are fundamentally different from ordinary fighters.

They all had wore sunglasses and were straight as guns, especially with their temples bulging and their palms covered with calluses. They were obviously retired soldiers.


When the four big men in suits and leather shoes got out of the car, they all stood on both sides of the car door.

Then, another figure walked down from Land Rover.

This person is a bald man.

He seemed to be asleep just now, just after getting off the car, he stretched his waist, and then cursed dissatisfiedly:

“It’s really a waste. Even such a small job requires master to come forward.”

The bald man turned around.

After seeing the face of the bald man, Bai Shan’s whole body trembled, almost urinating in shock.

“He… he is the fiercest… Master Dao in the North City?”

Master Dao!

When these two words fell in the ears of Elvira and Paula, their body also started to shake.

The residential area they live in, Li Yuan Palace is in Beicheng, Jiangshi.

How come you haven’t heard of this fierce god Dao.


This person has killed more than 20 people.

In particular, it is said that Master Dao’s combat power is even more frightening, one person with one sword, dominates the northern city, and will either destroy or expel each force.

It shows the horror this person has.

“It turned out to be him, it’s over, Shaun is in trouble!” The Baishan family turned pale with fear.

Elvira seemed to see Shaun die tragically under the hands of Master Dao, making her head dizzy and almost falling to the ground.

Shaun is amazing.

But he can only beat bad people who are less powerful, but Master Dao was the murderer.

There is no any comparison.

At this moment, Elvira’s family was anxious, and they wanted to tell Shaun to flee.

Just at this moment.

“Big brother, this kid, hurry up! Kill him. He beat me and my group subordinates!” The lost dog seemed to have seen the savior and shouted to Master Dao.

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