Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 137

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Chapter 137

Every time Jason was frightened, he showed a state of exhaustion and weakness. This would have been placed on Jacob’s shoulders, his eyes were half-squinted, and he seemed to have no energy at all and just wanted to sleep.

Grace looked at Jas, but Jacob looked at Grace.

She was wearing cotton pajamas, long-sleeved trousers, and a short jacket. At first glance, she was rushing to see the battle without having time to take care of her makeup.

Jacob was very surprised. After all, in his memory, all women approached him with great effort, whether it was makeup or clothing, or even a fingernail, they would spend their thoughts.

“Come in.” His face was still cold and calm. But there was a strange feeling in his heart.

“Jas is all right?” Grace asked with palpitations.

Jacob stretched out his hand and gently rubbed Derek’s soft hair, while casually replied to Grace, “The child is timid and was a little frightened.”

Grace looked at Jason who had fallen asleep with heartache, remembering the weird ghost things that Derek had just told her, Grace felt it necessary to talk to a man with thick lines like Jacob.

“Sit down, I’ll put Jason on the bed first.” Jacob turned upstairs.

After a while, Jacob took Jason into the bedroom and set it up, he went to the sofa area and sat next to Derek.

Grace hugged Faith and sat across from her.

Grace hesitated for a moment, and finally opened her mouth, “Zhan Ye, there are some things you may not like to listen to, but for the sake of the children, I think it is necessary to tell you.”

The polite attitude made Jacob frowned.

“Say.” Isn’t Jacob not enough to understand her? On the surface, there is a good heart, and the inside is dark and violent. Even if he refuses her, it is impossible to stop her mouth.

“Jason is so courageous, those horror stories about ghosts should not be read for Jason as a snack before going to bed.” Grace looked at Jacob calmly.

Jacob’s evil charm peach blossom eyes were enveloped in a layer of confusion, as if he heard the most comical fantasy, and sneered, “Who told you that I would tell Jason those horrible ghost stories?”

Grace just realized that she came to this conclusion only based on the judgment of the content of Derek’s call.

Now it seemed that her judgment seemed a bit arbitrary.

“Jason was frightened today because Derek talked to him about terrible ghost stories.” Grace looked embarrassed because he wronged Jacob, and his voice was lowered a few times.

Jacob was extremely shocked. He has been looking for the source of the horror of Jason. Even Jason’s psychological counseling experts were actively investigating the cause, but there was no progress in the past two years.

Unexpectedly, with the appearance of Grace, she is afraid that the cause of Jason could be found so quickly?

Although he is not sure if this is the ultimate cause of Jason’s autism, this is definitely one of the reasons that induced the Jason’s onset. It seems that he had underestimated the role of mother-child connection.

Jacob looked at Grace seriously. This was the first time since they knew him that he was willing to take the time to look at her seriously.

Grace was slim, but she was bumpy.

The palm-sized face, but the fleshy cheeks are very cute, and there are a pair of obsidian pupils embedded, those eyes are very dark, very bright, and very clean.

It’s like a pool of clear springs, which makes people’s hearts slightly rippling.

She has white skin and delicate features, except for the big black eyes. This makes her eyes particularly eye-catching.

In fact, she is very beautiful.

Not the kind of amazing and charming, but Xiaojiabiyu’s, pure and moving.

“Grace…” Jacob suddenly called her, his voice no longer indifferent and merciless.

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