Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 115

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Chapter 115

“This time, Xiaodao’s brother offended Mr. Lin and wanted to beat or scold him, and Xiaodao let Mr. Lin forget it!”


Listening to Master Dao’s trembling words and watching his sweaty expression, Sango was completely stunned.

Kicked on the iron plate?

In his eyes, where Shaun is an iron plate, it is clearly a meteorite.

The person who can make Master Dao so scared is asking him for trouble. Isn’t this looking for death?

Thought of this.

The Sanggu Ji Lingling shuddered, and squirmed quickly, crawling towards Shaun:

“Lin…Mr. Lin, I was wrong. I don’t know that you know my elder brother. Please forgive me this time. From then on, I will lose my dog nature and serve you as a cow.

A bereaved dog is not stupid.

On the contrary, he is very smart, knowing that he has met a real big man, obviously begging for mercy is a life-saving act.

Not only him.

The rest of the deposed big men also crawled in front of Shaun one by one, begging for mercy.

This scene is extremely spectacular.

The group of people who had been fierce and evil before, are now all crawling under Shaun’s feet, begging for mercy, made the Elvira family even more unbelievable.

“Forget it!”

“Remember, next time!”

Shaun didn’t bother to entangle these people, and started to think about who was behind this scene.

He knew that as long as Master Dao was not stupid, he knew what to do.


Shaun’s words made Master Dao wait for everyone to breathe a long sigh of relief. They only felt as if they had walked through a ghost gate.

Especially, when Master Dao saw that Shaun walked towards the Mercedes-Benz car, he greeted his bodyguard quickly:

“Little three, little four! Quickly, move the car in front to make way for Mr. Lin!”


At the moment, two bodyguards hurried over and drove off the two Toyotas that were blocking the road.

Until then.

Shaun just came to Elvira and said with a smile:

“Wife, let’s go!”

Shaun’s smile is extremely gentle and makes people feel like a spring breeze.

Especially, his body was not even stained with blood from beginning to end.

This even gave Elvira the illusion that Shaun in front of her was still the tyrannical and ruthless person?

A family of four get in the Mercedes Benz.

When the car slowly drove away.

On the road behind.

Master Dao, Sangou and other twenty or thirty people stood up one by one, then bowed deeply to the Mercedes-Benz:

“Send Mr. Lin respectfully!”

“Send Mr. Lin respectfully!”


The scene is extremely spectacular.

Especially this scene, if ordinary people in Jiang City see it, they will definitely be scared.

Who can imagine that in the northern city of Jiangshi, no one dared to provoke the slain dog of the swordmaster, now he is bowing to a car, this is incredible.

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