Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 138

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Chapter 138

Grace looked up and stared at him blankly. This guy calls her so hospitable that she will steal if he is rape.

“Are you still willing to come to our house to be a babysitter?” he asked.

Grace: “…”

Does she look like a nanny?

Obviously resisting panic in her heart, but thinking of Jason’s weak and tired expression just now, thinking of Derek and Faith not seeing Daddy, and asking her again and again when she can see Daddy again?

Grace’s arrogant heart collapsed again.

If it were in the past, Jacob would conceit that Grace would agree to his request if he could not ask for it.

After all, being the nanny of the war family can receive a high salary.

But now, after Jacob knew that Grace was a top hacker, and knew that she arrogantly wanted to create her own business empire, Jacob did not have enough confidence to think that he could keep her.

Grace raised his eyes to look at Jacob after a brief thought, and said very seriously:

“If you are sincere for the betterment of your children, you shouldn’t propose to let me be a nanny. I am their mother, and my duty is to raise them. You should understand the meaning of raising.

If Master Zhan restricts my status as their babysitter, then you will be deprived of my obligation to “educate children” invisibly. I think that as a babysitter, I cannot fulfill the obligations of mommy. “

Jacob’s face fell cold, and his tone became uncomfortable, “What do you mean? Expect to borrow a child to reunite with me? Dreaming of this.”

People are so weird, they like to fight for the things they can’t get.

Throw away things that actively approach you.

Grace’s expression became a little embarrassed, but he retorted with spine, “I don’t want to get back with you. I never want to live a widowhood anymore.”

Jacob said angrily, “It’s best to be like that.”

Derek and Faith pulled their father and mother alone, and suddenly said in unison, “Daddy, don’t quarrel with Mommy.”

“Mommy, don’t you quarrel with uncle.”

The soft voice made people feel like a spring breeze.

Grace and Jacob looked at each other, both of them looked a little embarrassed.

Grace said to the children, “You go to the play area, and Mommy has something to talk to Uncle Zhan.”

Jacob glared at her, feeling very dissatisfied with his words.

Although Faith calls him Uncle, but there is also his son Derek.

Why must Derek call him uncle after Faith instead of calling him daddy?

After leaving the children, Grace negotiated with Jacob:

“Master Zhan, I can stay at the Jason family and take care of Jason’s daily life, but not as a babysitter, but as a mommy.

But don’t worry, I don’t want to get back together with you. I just want to rent one of your rooms as compensation. Of course, I will also pay you rent.

Because I am not the nanny of the war family, I maintain a free and independent personality, and I have the right to control my time. I don’t know how to think about it? “

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