Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

Shared rent?

Jacob’s brows narrowed slightly, and he raised his eyes to stare at Grace who was extremely confident.

He actually hated a woman’s low posture in front of him, but Grace’s arrogant posture of seeing him as nothingness made him even more disgusted.

“I think you should inquire about the rental price of Haitian Villa, so that you won’t make such absurd and bizarre suggestions.” Jacob’s tone was weak and arrogant.

Grace bit her lip, sh!t, is he mocking her being poor?

“Master of War, let’s make a price.” Grace’s biggest advantage is that she is not stubborn.

Jacob curled his lips and raised a finger. His fingers were slender and white, and the joints were wrapped very s**y and charming.

Grace’s gaze was attracted by his fingers, and Grace was in a daze at that moment.

She remembered that when he was young, he held her hand and taught her how to type on the keyboard.

It is hard to imagine that a boy’s hands are so agile and flexible, like an international dancer jumping on the keyboard, the speed is daunting.

Jacob looked at Grace who was in a daze, and made sure that her nympho gaze was falling on her finger. Jacob’s fingers retracted and his face was instantly cold. He scolded, “Grace, one hundred thousand, you can pay. Are you up?”

Obviously he wanted to be very kind to her and charge a little rent symbolically, but her idiotic eyes made him add a zero to the amount.

Grace was shocked by his sullen voice that all three souls and six souls returned to their place, startled, “Hundred thousand?”

Jacob raised his eyebrows, “A room.”

Grace’s face was dim. She knew that Haitian was the most expensive villa in the imperial capital. The rent given by Jacob was also in line with the market price, but with her current financial ability, she really couldn’t pay the high amount rent.

Grace looked at Jue Zhan Han, almost begging in a low voice, “Can I owe you a period of time? When I find a job, I will pay you back as soon as possible.”

“No problem, the interest is three points.” Jacob said readily.

Grace whispered, “No traitor, no business.”

“What are you talking about?” Jacob saw her thin red lips pressed together. Although he didn’t hear what she said, his instinct told him it was definitely not a good thing.

Grace turned her face faster than the book, and squeezed a smile at him, “Zhan Ye is kind, I thank you first. Then I will move over tonight, please help Zhan Ye move a room out for me.”

Jacob looked at her contemptuously, “You just need a room?”

In order to save money, this woman is too picky.

The child is so old, she still squeezes a room with the child, which is very detrimental to the child’s independent personality development.

Grace glanced at the two children in the play area and said, “I can buy a small bed for Derek——”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted arbitrarily by Jacob, “No. Derek doesn’t need to be huddled with you. I will prepare a separate room for my son.”

Grace: “…”

I really want to tell him that Faith is also his daughter, should I prepare a room for Faith?

In the evening, Grace packed up two large boxes to salute, and stayed in the sea and the sky.

But the rent in Boiling City was rejected by her.

The room Jacob gave her was the bedroom on the right end of the second floor.

It was the furthest distance from the bedroom at the far left end of the Jacob.

However, the rooms of Jason and Derek were arranged between their bedrooms.

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