Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 119

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Chapter 119

And Elvira is also not believing.

“Yes, Gao Lao is already the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, and the medical practitioners whom he respects so much, he must be an old Chinese medicine doctor!”

Old Chinese?

The corner of Shaun’s mouth twitched slightly.

He knew that even if he told Elvira and the others, he was the genius doctor Lin, they would not believe it.

And at this moment.

Soon, the footage on TV changed again, and the interview footage was given to the western medical expert Mike.

On TV, Mike said with a proud face:

“Chinese medicine? It’s just a bunch of sh!t!”

“The chinese medical expert named Lin is nothing but a crap! Yesterday, I was healing Mr. Bai, and I met a guy named Lin who was with the same patient!”

“Look at it, tomorrow the man named Lin will be defeated by my western medicine skills, and let him kneel to beg for mercy! I admit that Chinese medicine is a rubbish! Hahaha…”

Mike laughed wildly.

And beside him, Harper was holding his stinky feet and said to reporters:

“Today, my grandfather almost lost his life, and his heart stopped for ten minutes, completely relying on Dr. Mike’s western medicine skills to bring my grandpa back to life!”

“So, I believe that Dr. Mike will be able to treat my grandfather tomorrow. As for Mr. Lin? Sorry, I haven’t heard of this person. I’m afraid I don’t know where he came from.”

Harper’s words shows he praised Western medicine and neglected the Chinese medicine.

And seeing this scene, the corners of Shaun’s mouth couldn’t help but a slight smile appeared.

He would like to know what the two faces will look like after tomorrow’s game.

The next morning.

The Elvira family got up early, and Paula prepared the meal. Everyone was eating and watching TV.

On TV, there is a live broadcast of the Chinese and Western Medicine Contest.

In the picture, no matter it is Gao Zhiyuan, Western Medicine Mike and some others.

Among them, the patient on the western medicine side is Mr. Bai.

On the side of the Chinese medicine doctor, an elderly patient with the same illness as Mrs. Bai was present.

In comparison!

The symptoms of this elderly patient seem to be more severe.

The whole person’s face is covered with dense senile spots, and his eyebrows were already dull, and it looks like he will die any time.

Mr. Bai on the other side breathed smoothly and vigorously.

“Oh! Brother called just now, so we are not allowed to go to the hospital!” At the dinner table, Bai Shan sighed long.

In the eyes of all the Bai family members, the reason for Mr. Bai’s illness was completely associated with his family.

They have become the thorn in the eyes of all the Bai family.

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