Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 120

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Chapter 120

This time, even it was operation of Mr. Bai, they were prohibited to visit by other Bai family members.

“If they are not allowing us, then we will not got!” Paula didn’t care, and said directly:

“Anyway, we can see the situation of Mr. Bai through live broadcast. After the successful operation, we will for sure go to visit him.”

Hearing this, Bai Shan nodded helplessly.

At the moment, Elvira was watching live broadcast, her eyebrows were frowned, and said in confusion:

“It’s strange to say that everyone is ready, why can’t we see the genius doctor Lin?”


This sentence reminded Bai Shan and Paula.

The husband and wife were also impatient, constantly searching, but they didn’t find any special person in the Chinese medicine camp.

“In half an hour, the Chinese and Western Medicine Contest is about to begin. Could it be that the genius Doctor Lin has flinched?” Bai Shan frowned.

Not only him, even Elvira and Paula were thinking the same.

After all, in an interview with reporters yesterday, the genius doctor Lin did not show up.

And now, the contest is about to begin and everyone was ready, but the genius doctor Lin was still missing, how could one not question it.

This question, apparently both sides of the Chinese and Western medicine camps have also raised.

At the moment, a reporter asked Gao Zhiyuan:

“Excuse me sir, there is only half an hour time remained to begin the competition, why hasn’t the contestant showed up yet?”

Hearing this question, the old man’s expression was a little embarrassed, he could only bite the bullet and said:

“Don’t worry, the game will start as scheduled, and Dr. Lin will definitely come!”

However, Gao’s words just fell.

The western doctor Mike next to him sneered:

“Cut! I’m afraid it’s the Lin surnamed, so he dare not come, right? I’ve long been a tortoise in my head!”


This sentence changed everyone’s expressions.

All the experts and medical staff’s faces in the traditional Chinese medicine camp looked ugly to the extreme. On the other hand, Harper and others who supported Western medicine were ridiculing.

“Hmph! We have investigated, among the Chinese medicine doctors in Jiangshi, there is no one with the surname Lin!” The sarcasm at the corner of the western doctor Mike’s mouth became more intense:

“In my opinion, in this competition, I’m afraid it’s you TCM swindlers, who didn’t know where they got it from the quack doctor, who didn’t even dare to show his face, so it seems he is scared!”


As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of all Chinese medicine experts dripped gloomily.

This is more than that.

Western Medicine Mike continued:

“Don’t worry, even if the liar surnamed Lin didn’t dare to appear, today’s game will continue as normal. I am very strict about medical ethics and will definitely cure Mrs. Bai!”

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