Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 142

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Chapter 142

Jacob looked at her arrogant face, and said in his heart, you don’t want to be a nanny, I have my own way to make you the nanny of the Zhan Family step by step.

“In the future, I will have dinner with the children. What you do, I will eat. I will pay you 20,000 yuan a month? You can still enjoy a normal holiday, how?” Jacob stepped forward.

Grace thought for a while. Anyway, she had to cook for the children every day, so it wouldn’t be troublesome to do more of him alone. In this way, she could earn an extra 20,000 yuan. Why not?

“Deal.” Grace happily took away Jacob’s dinner plate.

Jacob’s eyes were stained with a smug smile.

In the evening, Jacob went to the study to process a document. When he came out, he found that Jason and Derek were not in their room.

Raising his wrist to look at his watch, it was obviously time to sleep.

When Jacob heard the clear reading sound coming from Grace’s room, he felt his handsome face sinking. Jacob is the kind of tyrant who doesn’t need to study hard to get full marks in subjects, so he is very opposed to the education model that wants to instill various cultures in his children 24 hours a day. Grace sacrificed the children’s sleep time, making Jacob very unhappy.

He overcame his resistance to Grace and came to Grace’s room to find out. Grace is reading Yishu’s prose poem “To the Oak” to the children:

If I love you-never like the climbing trumpet creeper, I will show off with your high branches;


I must be a kapok near you, standing with you as a tree.

The roots are firmly in the ground; the leaves are touching in the clouds. Every gust of wind passed, we greeted each other, but no one understood our words. You have your bronze branches and iron trunks, like knives, swords, and halberds;

I have my red flowers, like a heavy sigh, and like a brave torch.

We share the cold wave, wind and thunder, and the thunderbolt; we share the mist, the flow of rain, and the rainbow. It seems to be separated forever, yet dependent on each other for life.


Jacob’s raised hand stagnated in the air, and he was attracted by this poem. He remembered that when Irene read this poem for the first time, she ran to share her shock with him.

“Brother, I am not the same as Yishu. If I love you, I would be your trumpet creeper and cling to your branches forever. I would also be a kapok to fight against you with you—”

At that time, Jacob was shocked. In this world, there are women who make trumpet creepers, and some women make kapok trees, but no one is like Irene, who can be soft but strong, but low and small can also travel around the world.

After Grace’s chanting to the oak tree, the children fell asleep on the bed. Grace walked out holding Jason, and when she opened the door, she saw Jacob standing outside, as if he was thinking of something.

“The child is asleep.” Grace said softly.

Jacob was a little surprised. At this time, is the child still brewing sleepiness over and over in bed?

Jacob took Jason over and took him back to Jason’s room.

When he came back to hold Derek, he found that Grace had put Derek on his bed.

“Thank you.” He politely said.

Grace waved at him and ran against him, “This is what I should be.”

Jacob returned to his room, and his habit was to look at his phone before going to bed. Check for missing important calls.

Finding that Guan Xiao had made a few calls, Jacob called back.

“President, what you asked me to investigate seems weird…”

Jacob then remembered that he had asked Guan Xiao to investigate Grace’s ex-husband a few days ago,

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