Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

When Grace walked out carrying her creative pizza, the children exclaimed, “Wow!”

Then she saw Jason lost his chopsticks and surrounded Mommy with Derek Faith.

With his back to the kitchen, Jacob didn’t see Grace’s pizza. He just frowned and wondered. Isn’t it just a pizza? Isn’t Jason’s high-end pizza eaten? Why you are so enthusiastic about the pizza Grace makes?

Grace walked over and put the pizza on the dining table, and the children immediately gathered. Jacob stared at the unique pizza and was stunned.

Pizza is like a map, divided by a blue river, with a black kingdom of zombies on one side, and Ultraman’s illusory planet on the other.

The pizza’s creativity is unique, innocence and fun. But Jacob was amazed that Grace’s handmade products reflected her excellent painting skills.

Grace used a knife to divide the pizza into quarters, and then distributed them to each child. There was nothing for Jacob alone.

Jason and Derek looked at the pizza on the plate, and then at the daddy who was on the side. Derek asked Mommy in a low voice, “Mommy, can I share it with daddy?”

Grace was very generous, “Of course you can. If he wants to eat.”

Derek gave half of the pizza to his daddy, and he reminded him very heartily. “Daddy, try it. Mommy’s pizza is different from the pizza sold outside. It’s really delicious!”

Jacob naturally couldn’t refuse his son’s hospitality.

“How is Daddy?” Derek looked at Daddy with expectant small eyes, waiting for his reply.

“Well, not bad.” Jacob praised insincerely.

After the children ran out of pizza, they immediately went upstairs to play hide and seek in the back garden.

Grace looked at the empty dinner plate in Jacob, and suddenly squeezed a mysterious and treacherous smile at him, “Master Zhan, is the pizza delicious?”

Jacob stared at her expressionlessly, depending on what tricks she wanted to play.

As expected, Grace is not a fuel-efficient lamp, threatening to say, “Master, you have to pay for the pizza I made.”

“How much?” Jacob asked calmly.

Isn’t it money? He doesn’t care at all.

Grace said, “One thousand yuan.”

Jacob gritted his teeth, “Are you deliberately extorting?”

Grace said confidently, “You are a capitalist, and you should understand that commodity prices depend on supply and demand. My pizza is unique in the world and in short supply. My price is not too high, right?”

Jacob teased, “You have a good economics!”

Grace stood up and cleaned up the garbage on the table quickly. But turned a blind eye to Jacob’s dinner plate.

Jacob was black and gritted his teeth.

Living under one roof, this woman kept a clear distinction from him everywhere. Sinister intentions.

“Grace…” Jacob was definitely not someone who was arbitrarily pinched, he immediately thought of a way to fight back.

Grace was holding trash in her hand and looked at Jacob with a sweet smile. “Warlord!”

“Take my dinner plate together.” Jacob said arrogantly.

The smile on Grace’s face instantly condensed, “Why? I am not your nanny.”

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