Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 140

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Chapter 140

Faith doesn’t have a separate bedroom, so she can only squeeze in the same room with Mommy.

When Faith saw Derek’s big and beautiful room, she couldn’t hide her sadness and disappointment, and quietly asked Mommy, “Why didn’t Daddy give me such a beautiful house?”

Grace was speechless.

Faith’s mood was relatively low that night.

Grace had to hold Faith patiently to coax her, “Faith, you are a girl, you can live with Mommy until you grow up. But Derek is a boy, and he has grown up slowly. There are differences between men and women, so he must live separately from us. Did you know?”

Faith was relieved.

Although the new room is the simplest room in the villa, it is still very luxurious and upscale for Grace’s mother and daughter.

Such a room is 30 square meters. The only drawback is that the decoration color is too simple and elegant. The silver-gray vertical wall covering is not suitable for a dreamy girl like Faith.

So Grace repurchased pink wall coverings online and decided to refurnish the room.

After six years, Grace once thought that she and Jacob were dead.

Unexpectedly, after going around, they actually lived under the same roof again.

They used to be nameless couples. Jacob went in and out every day, ignoring her existence, as if she were the air in the room.

At that time, she thought that they were married, as long as she worked hard to play the role of a good wife and mother, she would definitely be able to impress him.

Who ever wanted to go to the end is his expulsion.

That time, she was hurt deeply by him.

Not because of love, and because she has nothing, she is as humble as a weed.

This time, Grace didn’t want to wrong herself.

Although the love is still there, but if she works so hard and humble and can’t exchange his affection, then she will not live for him, but live for herself.

When Grace was thinking about the series, she saw Faith pitifully running over, hugging her knees, and acting softly, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

Grace stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Jacob is preparing pasta for the children.

Seeing Grace coming in, Jacob’s eyebrows couldn’t hide the taste of gloating.

Grace rummaged through all the ingredients. It was discovered that this guy deliberately only prepared Western food ingredients.

“Sorry, if you want to eat Chinese food, you only have to go out to buy the ingredients. The shop is opposite, and it takes about fifteen minutes to walk.” Jacob’s deliberate and attentive attitude gave Grace the urge to call her .

He always thought that she was an illegitimate daughter from the countryside who could not serve her on the stage, so he expected that she could not serve Western food?

Grace depressed to find out the ingredients for pizza, flour, butter cheese, and minced meat…

After Jacob prepared the pasta, he went out with his proud work. Grace looked at his delicious pasta, but showed a mysterious smile.

“Derek, Jas, I’m eating noodles.” Jacob’s cheerful voice sounded.

Derek and Jason quickly ran down the stairs, seeing the tomato sauce floating on the spaghetti, Derek’s expression showed resistance.

“Derek, don’t you like noodles?”

Jacob rolled up a handful of noodles and handed it to Derek. Derek couldn’t control himself, and suddenly ran to the trash can and became nauseous and vomiting.

Jacob suddenly lost his chopsticks. It turns out that Derek doesn’t like ketchup?

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