Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 143

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Chapter 143

Guan Xiao said, “President, we have investigated all the files of Grace. From the day she was born to the present, all the data about her have been recorded seven years ago. Is this strange?”

A sharp light shot from Jacobying’s pupils, and doubts hung in the cold peach blossom eyes. In this era of advanced Internet, the loss of a person’s files is inherently abnormal. What’s more, what Grace loses is not the long past, but the files of recent years? This is inevitably suspicious.

“Continue to investigate!” Jacob said.

“Yes. President.”

After processing the documents, Jacob went to bed.

Closing his eyes, Grace’s voice reciting “To the Oak Tree” echoed inexplicably in his mind. The mellow tone, with the gentleness of the healing system, made him unconsciously think of Irene.

Except for the difference in tone, the tones of Irene and Grace Recite this poem are really strikingly similar.

Jacob tossed and turned and could hardly sleep. Finally, he simply opened the sound channel to cure insomnia, put on earplugs and listened to the rain all night, and he doesn’t know when he fell asleep.

Maybe it was the father and son who had a strong heart. That night, Jason also slept very restlessly. He had a terrible nightmare. A weird man wearing a monster’s head climbed to his window, holding a bell in his hand and swaying nonstop, “War Sui-War Sui-Save Me-Save Me Ah-“It’s like a dead soul!

“Ah!” Jason suddenly opened his eyes, his cold face was full of panic, jumped out of bed in a panic, and ran out as if he was crazy.

Grace heard the rapid footsteps from the corridor outside, and was so shocked that she had no time to wear her shoes. A Ji Ling sat up and ran out barefoot.

“Jas.” Grace saw Jas scurrying around like a headless fly.

Jas ran wildly in the corridor on the second floor, and saw Grace running towards him with a pale face. Grace opened her arms and he plunged into her embrace. “Mommy, I’m afraid!”

“Don’t be afraid, baby, Mommy is here, Mommy protects you.” Grace hugged Jason, gently patting the child on the back, and Jason was trembling in her arms, Grace had to hold the child Go back to his room.

Jason buried his head in her chest and shuddered, “Mommy, close the window, I’m afraid.”

Grace put Jason on the bed, walked to the window, closed the window, and bolted it back. Looking back at Jason’s appearance of being attacked by evil spirits, Grace found red paper again and cut a few evil charms and pasted them on the window.

Then she returned to Jason and comforted Jason, “Baby, look at Mommy who has invited so many heavenly soldiers to help our town house in the future, and those demons and ghosts will no longer be able to enter. Don’t be afraid, Mommy will protect you. .”

When Jason saw Mommy shut the window tightly, he seemed to sigh. This stopped shaking.

“Mummy, can you hold me to sleep?” Jason looked at Grace pitifully.

Grace smiled, “Of course I can!”

She held Jason tenderly, and Jason quickly fell asleep in her arms.

That night, Grace couldn’t sleep.

She faintly felt that Jason’s autism didn’t seem to be born. If they want to cure your child’s autism, she is afraid they have to uncover the source of their child’s nightmares.

Perhaps it was a night of long thoughts and it was difficult to sleep, but at dawn, Grace slept soundly.

In the early morning, Jacob got up and went downstairs. The deserted kitchen made him frown unhappy.

Derek and Faith sat on the sofa obediently, waiting for the adults to feed them. When Jacob passed by them, Derek yelled sweetly, “Daddy!”

But Faith looked at him in awe. Precautions against him are written in the beautiful pupil.

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