Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 144

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Chapter 144

Jacob touched his son’s head, turning a deaf ear to Faith’s gaze. He did not notice, he neglected the child. In exchange, Faith became more hostile to him.

Jacob went upstairs and knocked on Grace’s bedroom door. Grace looked at the angry Jacob with sleepy eyes, “Master Zhan, something?”

“Breakfast.” Jacob gritted his teeth and squeezed out two words.

Grace dozed off and woke up, “Ah, I’m sorry, I will do it right now.”

But she was still wearing a cotton short-sleeved nightdress. Wanting to change clothes and go out, but Jacob stood here – as if he didn’t mean to leave.

Jacob watched her wearing a Pikachu cartoon pattern pajamas, with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes.

Grace was holding the childish cartoon pattern on her chest, blushing. “Don’t see it!”

Jacob said coolly, “Don’t worry, even if you don’t wear clothes, I won’t have any thoughts about your flat figure.”

Grace opened her eyes wide, she was flat? Isn’t it wrong, her figure is the golden ratio. But the pajamas are too big to hide her good figure.

When Jacob was about to turn around and leave…

Jason suddenly got up from the bed. When Jacob saw Jason, he stared at Grace sullenly, “Why is Jason here?” Grace approached Jason, absolutely unkind.

Seeing Jacob’s defensive expression on his face, Grace said with no anger, “The child had a nightmare last night, you dad can’t hear it?”

Jacob’s body was stiff, and Jason would run around if he had nightmares. He used to hold him, even if he kept calming him, but Jason’s agitated emotions would not fade until dawn.

But Jacob was a little surprised. Although Jason became ill last night, he seemed to fall asleep smoothly for a while? Looking at the ugly red paper-cut on the window, Jacob asked strangely, “What is that?”

He likes the clean and uniform tone of the whole house, so don’t mess with red in the silver-gray decoration style, which makes him feel dazzled and unhappy.

“Evil-shielding charm.” Grace explained.

Jacob is an absolute atheist, very angry at Grace’s environmental pollution behavior, “Tear off!”

Grace pouted, this person is really unkind. “No, I did it for a long time yesterday, Zhan Ye, how many more days should I hang it?”

Jacob’s eyes were covered with frost.

Grace sighed confessing his fate, “Well, then tear it off.”

But when Grace walked to the window, Jason screamed, “Mummy, don’t tear them. They can protect me.”

Grace looked at Jason with a bitter face, “But your father doesn’t allow—”

“Forget it, let it stick to it.” Jacob immediately changed his mind. Could these be the reasons to help Jason quickly get rid of his fear?

Why didn’t he think of it before?

Grace looked at Jacob, he really had no morals when he spoiled the child.

Backward, overcast and uncertain.

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