Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 145

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Chapter 145

There are not many people in this world who can be treated kindly by cold-blooded and ruthless people like Jacob. In his previous life, Irene had spared his life and did not cover his cold heart with a hundred steel making.

But he didn’t expect that he would be so gentle and indulgent towards his son.

Grace was thinking in a daze, Jacob suddenly reminded her coldly, “Go make breakfast.”

Grace knew that she would never be the one treated by him tenderly. It was the same in the previous life, and it is the same in this life.

Grace ran downstairs in a hurry.

Jacob walked into the room, sat down on the bed, stroked Jason’s head, and asked gently, “Why do you have a nightmare again?”

Jason’s eye sockets were dark, and the shadow under his eyelids indicated that he did not sleep well last night. He looked at Jacob, his lips squirmed a few times but still made no sound.

Jacob gently hugged his son. “Jas, are you in your senses?”

He was puzzled. Since Jas could tell Grace that he had a nightmare, why did he keep silent in front of him?

He admits that he is usually unsmiling, giving people a kind of alienation and indifference that is thousands of miles away, but in front of his son, he is indeed a different appearance: gentle and loving.

Jason has no reason to be afraid of him?

“Daddy, will Mommy leave us?” Jason raised his head, his small eyes filled with nostalgia.

Jacob saw his dependence on Mommy in his eyes. Rao sighed helplessly.

Originally, Grace was brought close to Jason to make them disgusted with each other, after all, Jason had never had a good impression of any woman. An ignorant and vulgar woman like Grace will definitely be crushed by Jason’s irregular convulsions. Unexpectedly, Jason would be conquered by Grace in turn.

He’s stealing chicken but not losing rice!

“As long as Jas doesn’t want her to leave, she won’t leave.” If Grace dared to abandon Jas to make Jas sad, he would break her leg.

There was a slight smile on Jason’s face. Jacob was secretly startled. The child inherited his cold personality and was always unsmiling. It is even rarer for him to laugh at the next day after getting sick the night before.

Jacob looked at the ghostly painted peach talisman on the window, his eyes stained with a smile.

After Jacob made Jason dressed, Grace had already prepared breakfast when he hugged Jason downstairs.

Golden fritters, freshly squeezed soy milk and vegetable salad.

Jacob has always been not too picky about food, but slightly worried that eating too much fried food is bad for children’s health. In the interest of children, Jacob criticized Grace politely, “Breakfast is very important to the child’s body, and I don’t want to see it after such a careless breakfast.”

Grace choked in her mouth and couldn’t get in with a mouthful of fried dough sticks. She wrapped it in her mouth and said, “Warlord, soy milk fried dough sticks are a classic nutritious breakfast combination, cheap and good. Why can’t you eat them?”

Jacob retorted aggressively, “Grace, don’t forget that I am your employer. I have the right to ask the workers I hire what to do and not to do?”

Grace just suddenly realized that this guy used 20,000 labor fees to define their relationship as an employment relationship?

Grace really regretted not having it at the beginning, and it was really fascinating.

Faith stared at Jacob bitterly, her daddy always bullied Mommy, she didn’t like this kind of daddy!

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