Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 146

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Chapter 146

“Uncle, if you don’t like to eat soy milk fritters, you can skip it. No one will force you to eat it.” Faith’s soft and sweet voice fell into Jacob’s ears, instantly letting Jacob have a kind Feeling unlovable.

For such a small child, always follow him with the tip of the head.

Jacob frowned and looked at Faith, “Have Mommy taught you that you can’t speak without eating?”

Who knows, but Faith raised her head, very dissatisfied, “Why do you keep talking, uncle?”

Jacob was dumb.

Grace couldn’t help but patted Faith’s head gently, which was clearly encouraging.

Jacob’s eyes were sharp as arrows, and he looked at Grace.

The smile on Grace’s face condensed sharply, gnawing on fried dough sticks.

After breakfast, Jacob was not in a hurry to go to work, but called Grace, not in a negotiated tone, but in a domineering way to inform her that he contacted the new kindergarten for Jason.

The news was like a bolt from the blue, shaking Grace by surprise.

“What about Faith?” Grace blurted out.

Jacob’s eyes were stained with a gleeful smile, and he looked at Grace meaningfully: “I don’t seem to have any obligation to support her.”

Grace came back to her senses, this guy didn’t know that Faith is his daughter.

For the present plan, Faith can only be sent to the kindergarten where Derek is cheeky.

But what Jacob said next completely shattered Grace’s beautiful vision.

“The kindergarten is the affiliated kindergarten of Haitian Yise, which is only about 900 meters away. You can walk to school every morning.” The reason Jacob made such a choice was actually because of Derek’s kidnapping and warfare being bullied by the school. Two things gave him a great insight: safety is more important than learning.

“How much is the tuition?” Grace asked tremblingly.

Jacob wrote lightly, “Although it is our common obligation to support children, for the sake of your shame, I exempt you from all obligations to your children.”

This is a high-sounding remark, but after careful consideration, it turns out that it is quite wrong. Isn’t he depriving her of her obligation to raise children in disguise?

Grace straightened up and said, “Master, you don’t have to exempt me from my obligation to the children. The tuition fee is half of us. Don’t worry, I will remove my kidneys and sell blood, and I will not lose my responsibility.

Looking at the proud Grace, Jacob falsely praised, “Yes, not bad. The tuition fee is 580,000 yuan, can you bring it?”

Grace stunned, “So… so many?”

Jacob nodded, “One child is 580,000 and two are 1.16 million. You and I will bear the cost equally, right?”

Grace was so frightened that she picked up the water next to her and began to drink. After being shocked, Grace questioned Jacob, “There are so many kindergartens, why do we have to choose expensive ones? Expensive ones are not necessarily the best?”

Jacob let out a contemptuous sneer. “Don’t make excuses for your incompetence.”

Grace was dissatisfied, “I am not incompetent, I just have a tight hand temporarily. If I have time to go out to work, I can also let the children go to the best kindergarten. You know, fish and bear’s paw cannot have both, I To take care of the children, there is no time to go out to work full-time. Zhan Ye, can you lend me a sum of money temporarily? When I find a job, I will pay you back.”

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