Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 121

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Chapter 121


Hearing this, Harper and the others below cheered and applauded for Mike’s medical ethics.

At the same time!

Before the TV, Shaun slowly put down the dishes.

Then he picked up a vegetable basket and said to Elvira:

“My wife, I’m going to buy groceries!”

Grocery shopping?

Elvira and other two got shocked.

“Shaun, don’t you watch the live broadcast of the Chinese and Western medicine competition?” Elvira asked with a puzzled face.


The corner of Shaun’s mouth twitched. If I don’t go for shopping, you will never see the genius Doctor Lin.”

After speaking, Shaun carried the vegetable basket and rode the electric car, and left the house slowly.

After half an hour.

The competition has already begun, and Western Medicine Mike took his assistant team into the operating room.

Surgery has officially begun on Mrs. Bai.

And the other side, all Chinese medicine practitioners are like ants on a hot pot, turning around in a hurry.

“Elder Gao, why the genius doctor Lin you mentioned hasn’t come yet? Could it be that he really escaped?” A Chinese medicine expert asked Gao with an ugly face.

Not only him, but the rest of the people also looked at the senior.

More importantly, this time the Chinese and Western Medicine Contest was broadcast live on TV.

If the genius doctor Lin never show up, then Chinese medicine would really become a joke in the mouths of all Jiangshi people.

Chinese medicine will be even more desperate and completely devastate.

Gao Zhiyuan smiled bitterly at this moment.

Among these people, only he knew Shaun’s true identity, and only he had full confidence in Shaun.

But he couldn’t explain, he could only show patience and said:

“Don’t worry, Dr. Lin will be here soon! I’ll go to the hospital and wait for him first, everyone stay cool!”


Elder Gao quickly left the crowd, and then hurriedly came to the entrance of the hospital, waiting anxiously.

Just when he waited ten minutes, almost crying.

He saw an electric car coming towards the hospital leisurely.

“Mr. Lin!”

Elder Gao saw Shaun in the car, and he was overwhelmed with ecstasy. He hurriedly greeted him and asked anxiously:

“Mr. Lin, why you got late? The contest has been going on for more than ten minutes.

Elder Gao asked hurriedly while wiping his sweat.

Just hearing this, Shaun shrugged lightly, then lifted a food basket from the back seat of the electric car:

“Actually I went to the vegetable market to bought some groceries, so that is why I got late!”


Hearing this, Elder Gao discovered that Shaun’s vegetable basket was full of vegetables.

Radish, eggplant, celery…

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