Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

This guy…

Seeing this, the old man wanted to hit him to death.

Dared to ditch a group of people, who were anxiously waiting for him, but this master is visiting the vegetable market…

Elder Gao couldn’t believe that the dignified white-boned sage, who was regarded as a god by the big names in the global medical circle, turned out to be a family cook.

“We are getting late, let’s go!”

Shaun didn’t care about Old Gao’s weird gaze at all, carrying the vegetable basket he walked straight into the hospital.

But Gao Lao didn’t have time to think about it so much, so he could only keep up quickly.


The two came to the surgical preparation room.

As soon as they approached, they heard a many of dissatisfaction voices inside.

“Who is this genius doctor Lin? Why is he such a liar?”

“Impossible. Old man Gao is a Chinese medicine practitioner. If he is not a liar, then how come Old man hide him from us!”

“Yes! It’s a pity that even if the man surnamed Lin has some abilities, he is afraid to be here this time, so he must dared to come! It just hurted us!”


Numerous Chinese medicine doctors talked a lot, and everyone’s words contained deep dissatisfaction with the great doctor Lin.

And at this moment!


The door of the preparation room was pushed open, and they saw Old Man Gao walking in with a young man carrying a basket.

“Attention everyone, this is the genius doctor Lin!”

Doctor Lin?

At the moment in the preparation room, all the Chinese medicine experts looked at Shaun up and down, all of them completely confused.

Are you kidding us?

Shaun seemed to be in his early twenties, he is basically a hairy young man, and he is dressed in casual clothes and carrying a vegetable basket.

In particular, looking at the dazzling array of vegetables, it was like he is just coming from the vegetable market.

This kind of person, how does he can be world’s most talented doctor?

“Gao…Old man, are you making a mistake? Is he really the genius doctor Lin you said?” a Chinese medicine expert immediately couldn’t help asking.

They have always thought that the genius doctor who is highly regarded by many Chinese medicine practitioners like Gao Zhiyuan must be definitely an old man with high morals.

However, they never thought that he would be a young man.

It’s the young people visiting the vegetable market.

“That’s right! He is the genius doctor Lin!” Senior Gao could naturally see the doubts of everyone, but did not explain:

“Okay, I know what everyone is thinking, but please believe me, Gao Zhiyuan pledged my half-life reputation! The great doctor Lin can definitely help us with Chinese medicine!”


At the moment, some nursing staff brought surgical gowns, masks, gloves and other items.

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